Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Resting, without the guilt.
YES, it is okay! please continue reading to find out why.

I am treating a lady at the moment and she has made remarkable progress. She came to me literally exhausted. I ask her to do a few things, one of them was to rest, simply when she felt tired, to just stop, take a few minutes rest. She is in a lucky position that she return to bed during the day of she so wished. Even though she could do this before she came to me she did not do it because of the guilt and the feeling that I “should” keep going,
This is such a common theme I see with so many people and I will be the first to raise my hand I say yes to it too.

Resting is like taking time out to recharge the batteries. Think of it this way, if you do not stop to put fuel into the car, how can you go from A to B or continue your journey. Taking time to rest the body is the exact same. You need it to continue on your journey. Taking time out to rest the body when it really needs is is actually an amazing act of self-love.

There is absolutely no reason for you to feel guilt over it or wonder what others will think of you because of it or beat yourself up because you should be doing more, or feeling lazy because of it. The truth is IT IS OKAY, to sit and rest and just be.

If you have issues around this, you can get professional help or you can get out a pen and paper and write about feelings it has brought up for you and see if you can see where this pattern or your thinking has come from. You can change this belief…
You can do this by closing your eyes and counting to 30…powerful.
You can take 15 deep breaths
You can hug yourself and feel the comfort from your arms supporting you.
You can get a 20 minute power nap perhaps on your lunch break??
Getting to bed 30 minutes earlier every night of the week..
You can get away from your computer or your desk and get 5 minutes of fresh air.
Change something in your routine, you know what they say.. a change is as good as a rest!
You can map out one evening per do nothing…Nothing..!!!

There are lot more ideas in my pick yourself up book:

Listen to your body. Have fun and experiment and see how you can get more rest this week.

3 years ago I was unwell. Doctors could not find anything wrong with me.
I had no energy and my mood was very bad. I Could not sleep and was panicking a lot.
My family tried to help me but they could not.One day I was talking to my sister on Skype and she mentioned Kinesiology.I did not know what it was back then. She said it could be good for me. She googled for therapists near my home town and Gertrude’s name came up first. We really liked her page. We read it through, I jotted down her number and called he the next day. The rest is history now as they say..
She thought me so many things: how to look after myself, techniques for better sleep, recipes for healthy food and diet, exercises to get stronger, education on how my body works and many more.Over the three years while she was working on my body and soul we have become very good friends as well.She made me a happier and healthier person so I started to enjoy my professional and private life again. My life is whole again and now I am looking after my 3 months old baby:) I highly recommend Gertrude because she is professional, training herself constantly, attentive, empathic, patient, engaging and she is always there to help. Her hug is incomparable. I am grateful for her.
Helga from Celbridge…Originally from Hungary …;-)