“Are you constantly worried about what other think of you”?

What do other’s
think of me?

Part 1 of 3

There are many different levels of stress, types of stress and the way each and every one of us reacts or responds to stress. One of the main stresses and pressures you can have on your mind, your self-confidence and on your energy levels is the constant fear or nagging voice in your head or the constant dread of doing something or the constant thought of ‘What will others think of me?’ or comparison-itis ( I made that word up 🙂 ) of where you compare yourself to others most i not all of the time!… are you nodding your head and saying that’s me, well please continue reading as you are certainly not alone on this one!

This level of concern and worry varies for different people but I work with so many people where these thoughts are taking over their daily lives and they are paralysed in fear , worry and stress as they feel so insecure in themselves. It is only natural to do this the odd time where you see you actually are inspired by someone or they are a very positive role model for you. It is when it is eating you up on the inside that change of attitudes, thoughts and habits are required to get you back into the self-caring self-loving zone 🙂

Comparison-Itis and what will others think of me… not only has an emotional impact but of course a huge physically one too which you may be completely unaware of. .. these thoughts can ( and do) create any number of health problems from sleepless nights, to waking up in sweats of panic and despair in the middle of the night to constant anxiety and dry mouth to knots of tension and worry in your tummy area to tension and pressure headaches/migraines to Irritable bowel syndrome or eating disorders to depression or withdrawal from social/career opportunities to self-harming and lots more. You may be too stressed to eat anything or you make get comfort by over eating or have some other unhealthy eating pattern going on. To be honest the list is endless. These symptoms above of course can have many other causes too but the purpose of highlighting them is that for many who have these symptoms are oblivious as to the physical long term impact these negative overpowering overwhelming thoughts are having.

So if you are someone who is low in self-esteem or self-confidence and also suffer from one or more of the ‘unexplained’ physical symptoms above then what I am saying to you is if you are also worried on an ongoing basis of what others think of you or of experiences where you are constantly comparing yourself to others then with the work I do I can help you to start liking and accepting yourself and for you to start feeling you are enough. In comparing yourself to others you are constantly putting yourself down whether you realise it or not or you may be limiting yourself from living the life of happiness and health which you truly deserve. This week become aware of your thought patterns and make a note of them, see you next week for part 2.