Your Health Questions Answered.

Q. I have noticed a considerable amount of brown mucus in my stool, what is it telling me?

A. Mucus is naturally produced by the body to help remove toxicity out of the gut. There can be many reasons for mucus in the stools and it can vary in colour from time to time. Mucus is a general indicator of inflammation in the gut or body.Inflammation can be due for a number of different reasons such as medication, excess starch, sugar or refined foods in the diet, ongoing emotional stress with upsets the natural ph balance of the gut, once the gut is in an acidic state inflammation will go hand in hand and then mucus will be produced as a protector.

Inflammation and mucus can also result due to a food intolerance or a toxin such as bacteria, fungal or parasitic infection in the gut.  A whitish mucus is generally an indicator of candida , brownish mucus can be from stagnant faecal matter, building up in the gut, (this can happen even if you have daily bowel movements) constipation, or blood loss in the gut somewhere.

Mucus or bloody stools should always be investigated further by your GP or perhaps a colonoscopy may be needed depending on other circumstances/symptoms such as frequency, amounts, other illnesses going on, age etc.

If it is something which is rare, have a close look at your diet/bowel habits as often by reverting to whole plant based foods which support a more alkaline state and support the growth of friendly bacteria normal motions should return. leaky gut, To Read Click Here ICV syndrome (I have written a different article Click Here with more detail about that) emotionally the bowels represent fear of letting go of the past or a wallowing in past mistakes or decisions, or scattered thinking, foggy brain will go hand in hand with the gut being in a state of congestion/irritability or stagnation and or grief.


Q.My granddaughter was born with a lactose intolerance, why would this happen?

A. Without any further details of the pregnancy it is difficult to answer but generally speaking a genuine lactose intolerance will occur if the enzyme lactase is missing from the gut therefore lactose will not be properly broken down in the gut and a lot of pain, discomfort, bloating , gas, cramps , sleep problems, reflux/colic can occur.

More often than not milk appears to be the problem for the baby as it is the only food they are on. If the intolerance is due to an inflamed gut or a colic or reflux problem due to the illeo caecal valve malfunctioning the child will grow out of it given the correct care. In the shorter usually the best resolution is for the mother to breast feed if at all possible while ensuring her diet is not very acidic in nature, (avoid excessive meat, sugar, refined foods and have plenty of wholegrain foods with rainbow of colours form mother nature, fruit and veg for soluble fibre etc).

I have worked with many children over the years with these problems and once you treat the gut, heal the illeo caecal valve and monitor the mother too for the same conditions, full recovery can be made!

Q.Is ‘organic’ just a marketing ploy?

A. Sometimes, The answer is yes it can be a marketing ploy depending on the produce and the source of the produce. True Organic from your local farmer or your own back garden is the absolute best.

Some organic products in the supermarkets are mass produced and I question their organic nature when they are all so perfectly shaped and unblemished. Having said that other times the taste and flavour are second to none when they are true organic so local markets/farmers markets are definitely your best bet if you cannot grow them yourself.