Why does Green Juice get a gold star

Why Does Green Juice Get A Gold Star?

It’s time to spring clean your cells for better health and energy. Most people start off drinking fruit juices but true health comes from restoring mineral content and that’s where the green veg get a gold star. I prefer to advocate drinking green juices, especially for anyone with cancer, fatigue, weight problems, skin issues, constipation etc as green juices help alkalise the body and fight disease. It is a myth that you lose fibre, yes you lose some but when do you ever sit down and eat 1 apple, 4 carrots, handful of kale or spinach or 3 sticks of celery or 1 cucumber all on the one go…NEVER. It would take some people a week to munch through all that stuff yet that and lots more can all fit into one glass of juice, you are removing some of the excess fibre which we do not need anyway. There is more than enough fibre to perform amazing work in the body. So of you go and dust off your juicer and get juicing…

Here are some of the top reasons why you should become a green juice junkie!
1 It’s alkaline – Green juice is incredibly alkalising due to its’ high chlorophyll content which oxygenates the blood -something that cancer and disease hates!

2 It helps to release stored toxins from the body reducing the toxic load.

3 Boosts energy – Chlorophyll found in green leafy vegetables elevates your haemoglobin count and as a result improves circulation and energy levels.

4 Blood builder – Green juice contains phytonutrients that build iron helping to enrich the blood.

5 Saves money! Juicing saves you some pennies and reduces waste! Broccoli stems, radish and beetroot tops do not go to waste!

6 Feed your cells – Your skin, hair and nails shine like they’ve never shone before when you start delivering your cells with liquid nutrition!

7 Improves the gut – Intestinal health and digestion are greatly improved with a regular shot of juice. It is always best to take the juice on an empty tummy and perhaps replace your sugary cereal with it, when you are hungry simple again. It is not about starvation or dieting.

8 Nutrient high-way – It’s the fastest and easiest way to flood your body with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients essential for health without having to control calories

9 It tastes just fab, maybe not at first if you have been a sugar, caffeine or processed food addict. It will take a little time for your taste buds to re-adjust but once they do you will never look back.

10 So fast and convenient, ideally make them and drink them but if you have a slow masticating juicer you can make batches and store them in  a suitable container  in the freezer and they will keep in the fridge in a dark sealed bottle for up to 48 hours. What a fabulous way to start your day, with a true energy kick that caffeine,  toast or cereal can never do…