Top 15 Health-Drainers!

So many people complain from tiredness form mild to always to chronic! Some complain and do little about it, some go get help. Here today I want to help you identify for yourself what may be draining the life out of you in every sense of the word…

See below a list of the top 15 reasons why I see people’s health drained from everyday things such as…

1.  Lack of fresh air
2.  Caffeinated drinks
3.  Sugar in all its processed forms( refined carbohydrates, fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate)
4.  Junk food (devoid of nutrients needed to fuel, drive and repair the body
5.  Smoking/ Tobacco
6.  Lack of movement
7.  Alcohol
8.  Unhappy work situations
9.  Unhappy relationships/ home/ personal environments
10. Lack of sleep
11. Chemical pollutants
12. Bottling emotional things up.
13. Prescription Drugs
14.  Non-prescription drugs
15. People pleasing, inability to say NO ! Taking on too much, getting overwhelmed and so on.

Having a serious look at your lifestyle is very important in recovery from any form of ill health or disease. Of course it is not about changing things in your life overnight but it is about analysing and closely looking at what factors are draining you’re from your vibrant health and energy. Read the list a few above a few times slowly.

Pick the top three which ring true for where you are at right now. Write them out onto a separate sheet of paper and write out more detail about how each of the area you picked is having a negative and draining impact upon you and your life. Ask yourself what can you do right now to remove the cause or reduce the impact.

Many times people will get help for their particular disease or ailment only to find it returns again because the underlying aggravating factor or root cause has not been addressed. Once anything is being drained or strained it is not good. Positively look at your situation and take one positive action step to help you make change and bring about positivity and greater harmony for the health drainers in your life. Rest and change are vitally important. Overall goal is for you to do less of the things which drain you and do more of the things which make you feel good. These changes will greatly move you in the right direction of improving your health matters. Join me August 31st for another ‘Healthy You’ day.