Top 10 ways to look younger! [Part 3]

9. Reduce your alcohol consumption: In today’s society with alcohol being more expensive in licensed premises, strict drink driving laws, cheaper bottles of wine and the feeling of we deserve and need a drink after a long hard day..We drip drink. If you are in the habit of having a daily glass or 2 or 3 glasses of wine every night because you feel the need to unwind, I strongly advise you to stop it… not just to look younger but also to maintain your health and avoid addiction. Reward yourself in healthier more rejuvenating ways like a shower, watch a funny movie, call a friend for a chat, go for a walk, get to bed for an early night…you get the idea…anything to unwind other than drip drink every night. High alcohol consumption dehydrates every cell in your body, not only will you look older you will feel it too. Give your body, mind and skin a well deserved alcohol break. Feel the benefit of an alcohol free week or two.

10. Quit cigarettes: I’ m not going to tell you all over again how bad they are for you, you know that, instead I’m urging you to find a reason to give them up. Have you thought that your skin would glow if you quit? That you would physically feel and look younger..that you could save money for a spa retreat to pamper yourself? Quit for your kids? J Only you can decide, you have to make the decision to quit, then get the support you need to help you. Kinesiology treatments can greatly help in de-stressing, dietary recommendations, positive affirmations, blood sugar balancing, energy levels and much more.

And Number 11 !!! for that extra punch, last but by NO means least….

11.Eat Glowing foods from nature: Nature provides us with everything we need to keep us glowing not only on the inside but outside too. Unprocessed foods are rich in anti-oxidants.  These are crucial for fighting against free radical damage and reduce the ageing process. Also fibre and nutrients from plant based whole foods will keep your bowels working smoothly. Aged, dry, dull, sensitive , problematic skin is directly linked to  sluggish bowels. So you need to keep them ticking along daily…. Enjoy feeling good and looking younger!