Top 10 ways to look younger! [Part 2]

Part 2 of 3

How did you get on with last week’s steps? Here are more youth tips to incorporate into your daily life, not only will they help you look younger but they help you to feel great too from the inside out!

6. Water: You have heard me say this more than once! The amount of people who come to me dehydrated is frightening. It is such a simple thing to do for ourselves with so many benefits and yet people tend not to do it. Lack of water will make you constipated, tired, sluggish and can be a major factor in high blood pressure. Ensure to keep your blood purified with ample amounts of water on a daily basis. Water hydrates not only your inner workings but also your skin. Once you get into the habit of drinking water EVERYDAY you will immediately feel the benefit. 2lts of water is recommended. Have small glasses regularly throughout the day, or fill a bottle and bring with you on the go…this is a great reminder.

Do NOT drink water 30 minutes either side of meal times as you are flushing away your digestive enzymes. Water is essential for a healthy energetic body. It keeps your skin glowing and flushes out toxins from within! When the skin and body are properly hydrated it looks young, plump and fresh. Start today by getting more filtered water into you. Every little helps.

7. Let go of the nagging thoughts: What is on your mind? If something is nagging away at the back of your mind, there is a very good chance it is affecting your sleep, your mood, your energy, your motivation, your appearance and so on. Do you frown and sigh a lot? Frowning will age you quickly with increased lines and wrinkles .Talk to someone, make some changes, have a natural health treatment, write out your worries, do whatever you need to do to de-stress your mind and body from long-term stress.

Short term pressure or stress can be good for us and challenging, when it carries on from month to month…year to year untreated the body wears out trying to cope. You can become ill and disinterested in life around you. Make a decision…Stop carrying around the burden or weight on your shoulders. You will physically feel lighter and look healthier when you let it go. For more information on this please contact me directly.

8.Dry Skin brush/Exfoliate: Not only freshens your skin but gets your lymphatic system moving. This is critical for good I mentioned last week rebounding on a trampoline is fantastic for this. A sluggish toxic lymph system equals a sick, tired and toxic you! It is a fact our skin cells die off every day. Without removing the dead skin cells regularly our skin can become dull, tired looked and older that it is! Revitalise your skin…at least weekly (2-3 times ideally) with a dry skin brush.

Start brushing before you get into the shower/bath with long sweeping movements from the soles of the feet upwards towards the heart. Research has shown that skin brushing up towards the heart for 10minutes a day for 7 days and following a very healthy diet you can lose up to 1lb in toxins from the body. Using a loofah in the shower is also great at renewing and rejuvenating your skin and your health as it hastens the rate of toxin removal from the body.

See you next week for part 3.