Learn How To Blossom For Life…
With My Life Blossoming Programme.

Welcome and Thank you for being here as it already
means you are seeking change on some level.

Let me ask you a few questions…

Are you lacking in self-confidence, self-esteem and or self-worth?

Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated and no matter how much you do it never seems enough to bring about change and the feeling of peace, calm and contentment which you really want more of in your life?

Are you feeling fed-up, run down and tired of feeling tired and exhausted all of the time?

Have you health complaints the length of your arm which you have no plausible medical explanations for? if so it’s time to take a different approach!

Are you craving to feel and be truly happy with where you are at and who are are right now?

Are you constantly struggling with saying no to others, putting yourself first, and having quality time for yourself without the guilt and pressure to keep on going?

If the answers are yes, then please keep reading.


It is a journey of self-exploration and personal development to help you live your life to the fullest just like a flower in full bloom as it is healthy, vibrant, strong, open, bright and colourful, …just by being ‘fully’ itself…it has reached it’s full potential.

The definition of ‘blossom’ in the dictionary is ‘a state of flowering’ or as a verb ‘to flourish’,‘to develop’ , ‘to open’, ‘a state of coming to life and producing fruit’ , to grow and reach our full potential.

Sadly, many never live their lives truly being themselves or reach their full potential, thrive or blossom and most importantly many do not like, love and accept who they are.

This programme came to life as it is everything I practiced to get me to where I am today and the principles within have changed the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of people I have worked with since 2005.

For years I felt lonely, depressed, misunderstood, confused, frustrated, empty, unloved and lots more. As I started to work on all these issues and my feelings and the experiences which created my thinking and worked on my values and beliefs and conditioning and attitudes, I began to feel different. I actually began to feel light and happy and free, loved, loving and lovable.

Embrace your uniqueness and let your innerself shine through x

I felt like I went from a state of being tightly compressed, suppressed and depressed like a tightly formed young bud on a tree or a new flower seedling as it springs through the earth, I began to blossom and over time bloomed. I went from a state of struggling to a state of inner happiness, peace and calm and my entire life opened up. I found ‘myself’ and I fully became ‘me’ and I continue to work on that every day to nourish and nurture and love myself. That’s why I christened this programme Life ‘Blossoming’ 🙂

It is filled with tools and techniques based upon a proven, practical down to earth sensible approach for helping you to connect with or reconnect with your true self, thus raising your self-esteem and self-worth so you become happier and healthier and more at peace within your own skin.

It really is a very in depth programme designed to help you treat and deal with and heal the root causes of your health issues and your unhappiness so they are no longer holding you back from being your true confident, calm and vibrantly healthy-self.

It will help you to come from a place of love instead of being driven by fear so you can experience feeling inner harmony, peace and calm and BE at ease within yourself..

Until you can truly like, love and accept yourself your body and mindset cannot truly heal.This is such a natural way of being yet so many struggle with limiting self-beliefs and unkind unsupportive daily habits, which have the opposite affect.

This programme does NOT have any Magic pills or solutions…. (Although change can happen in an instant with an “aha” moment.)..You still have to commit to put the work in for yourself because you believe you deserve it  so you too can experience long lasting change.

Self-care and self-love are not about spending days at the spa, salon or shopping ( although these are wonderful treats the benefits are only short-lived)

Real happiness has to come from within you and the essence of the programme is to help you to think of yourself in a loving, kind, respectful, nurturing, gentle way because you matter.You would never treat anyone else the way you treat yourself. so no amount of healthy eating or exercise in the world will undo negative self-beliefs and thought processes.




  • It is for you if you are committed to making change in your life so you can live your life feeling free to be happy being yourself, feeling safe, secure, loved, content, at peace , progressing and growing, having fun along the way and living being your true authentic self.
  • It is for you if you are someone who repeatedly says “I know, I know, I know”…Knowing and doing are two entirely different things and unless you take action upon some of what you know NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE and you will never see or feel the benefit…but you actually already know that..this programme is about helping you to find out WHY you are not taking action for yourself on all that you know so you can break that pattern.Connecting with yourself and listening to yourself are KEY!

Or Are you nodding your head in agreement with one or more of these common scenarios:

  • “You are a highly intelligent and smart human being ( whether you give yourself credit for that or not) and to date I have absolutely no doubt you have accomplished many wonderful things in your life but yet when it comes to you personally you more than likely feel like no matter what you do it’s never enough or it doesn’t feel right or you feel like a failure over and over again because you keep repeating the same pattern over and over again and get so frustrated because you can’t seem to figure it all out and make the changes you “know you should” …. This vicious negative self-sabotaging pattern can continue for years. Usually it will manifest physically in your body with some illness or ailment or chronic issue where you live from day to day just getting by, surviving and feeling exhausted.”
  • “You rarely if ever feel you glow, exude self-confidence or genuinely accept yourself with your lumps, bumps warts and all… Somehow you find a way to criticise yourself and put yourself down! Past hurts and life experiences can leave us feeling this way, so trust me blaming yourself will never change anything. I did it for years and it worked brilliantly at making me feel worst than I already did.

Your mind and body hears everything you think and say and when’s it’s something hurtful, it will cause you hurt and cause a stressful reaction within your body and set up a pattern in your subconscious mind which will dictate your daily behaviour and habits and you won’t even be aware of the link or the connection…

Example it could be something as simple as forgetting to eat on a regular consistent basis because you are so driven to prove yourself or to succeed or get ahead or you are too busy….and for what? Because you don’t eat properly and regularly you now suffer from a host of digestive issues and are tired all of the time…sound familiar?

You “know” the importance of healthy eating and you know how good you feel when you do it. This programme will help you identify why you don’t do it consistently and help you to break that pattern.

  •  “You constantly beat yourself up with guilt, shame, or unworthiness because you believe you are guilty of something…then you cannot understand why you are so tired all of the time, why you are so down or depressed and struggle to keep it all together… there is no way you cannot feel these things because guilt and shame are the lowest forms of vibrations there are. Your energy will be at rock bottom when you constantly feel this way”…The whole essence of the programme is to lift you up and to help you to feel energised and more alive!
  •  “You are driven by FEAR!!!” Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being unloved, fear of being disliked, fear of not being included, accepted, fear of getting it wrong, fear of it not being perfect, fear of looking inside in case you cannot deal with what you have buried, fear of speaking up, fear of being your true self…

Fear creates more fear…it results in tension, tightness, stress, digestive issues, headaches, migraines, pain, inflammation, adrenal burnout, fatigue, apathy, despair and all other things negative. This programme is rooted in self-care and self-love so you can reverse your stress and tension and tightness and become much more healthy, resilient and passionate about your life.

  •  You never feel good enough…you constantly compare yourself to others.Comparison is the thief of all joy and you!!! The only person who you can ever be is yourself. You are perfectly imperfect just like the rest of the human race. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but the more you focus on your weaknesses…yes you got it, the more you will find and the more deficient and lacking you will feel. this programme is about helping you to recognise your strengths and all the great things about you so you can just be your best self. The stress your mind and body goes through when you constantly feel you are not enough is unbelievable. So let me help you change it x

“Unconditional self-love and consistent self-care are the solutions but many have no idea where to even begin…which is why I created this programme” x

  • Love is the solution, love is the state where we feel lovable, loving and loved.
  • Love is where we can feel true peace, harmony and inner calm.
  • Love is the place where we will remember to look after ourselves because it feels so right and because we are so connected to our true selves.
  • Love brings out the best in us for ourselves and everyone around us.
  • Love brings clarity and willingness and joy and lots of lots of passion and excitement and a renewed energy and vibrant health and peace of mind.
  • Love helps everything in life flow with ease.
  • Love is NOT Sinful, wrong, selfish, uncaring, bad, vain, arrogant, undeserving or any other negative thing you think it is!!!! Love is about kindness, respect, acknowledgment, understanding, connection and believing that you matter!

This love however must first of all be unconditional self-love…then love from others and other aspects of life will enhance this further and make your heart sing. 

In this programme you will learn how to like, love, accept and truly listen to yourself.

Everyone wants to feel better in some way or another…I’m sure you do too and maybe you are frustrated by all you have tried so far! mostly we just chase and treat symptoms as separate entities and never really treat the root cause…Low self -esteem is the root cause of so many health problems in the world today. “Love thy neighbour as thyself” / The pilot always says upon takeoff  “Put your own mask on first in case the oxygen drops…THEN attend to your loved ones” so you see you must fill your own cup up first!!!

The more you chase things on the outside e.g money, house, job, family etc ( don’t get me wrong these are all wonderful things to enhance your life) the greater the void becomes on the inside, because your true happiness is WITHIN You. You might not feel that right now because it is buried beneath your hurt and pain. This programme helps you to unravel those layers and it’s not just about working on the hurts and traumas it’s much more focused on you getting you to the place of valuing yourself enough to make the changes you need to in your life. 

We all deserve this opportunity to blossom, If you believe that then this programme is for YOU!

You will learn how to:

1. Stop judging and criticising yourself and beating yourself up when things do not go according to plan.

2. Stop putting yourself under so much pressure and pushing yourself to extreme limits , and instead be open to the possibilities of living a more peaceful and abundant life in every way.

3. Be more self-confident and do what you want to do with ease.

4Tune into your own feelings and what is “right” for you on an intuitive level instead of being “in your head” and doing what you think you should to please others etc.

5. Heal past traumas, past conditioning and behaviours which may be the underlying cause of your self-self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.

6. Practice simple practical easy self-care techniques which will boost your energy, improve your sleep, digestion and your overall health in every way. (Our emotions manifest in illness in out bodies)When you feel good you naturally want to take care of yourself better.

7. Think, like and accept yourself UNCONDITIONALLY with a renewed sense of clarity and confidence so you can live your life to the full.

8. Manage your emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, self-consciousness, stress, anger and many more…to make everyday more balanced and in your control…all the while increasing your self-esteem and self-confidence.

9. Fill up your own cup first. An empty sack does not stand. If you don’t take time to nourish yourself and recharge you are no good to anyone and least of all to yourself. You will learn so may ways to do this which are natural and normal…no guilt and no feelings of you shouldn’t or that you are lazy ion you take  few minutes to rest.

10. You will how to become more self-aware by awakening all of your senses and getting your nervous system ( sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems to function in a healthy balance, One gets you moving the other gets you to switch off and relax) 

11. Manage your health issues as you will learn the connection between your thoughts, your actions and your physical body. Every part of us is os intrinsically linked. This programme and all the work I do is about getting  you to see yourself as a “whole”. The whole person approach is the only way that truly works.

12. Set yourself goals and create more of the things you want in your life. It goes way beyond the traditional goal setting mantras and principles, while many of those are very important there are a lot more things to it. what you want has to be ” burning desire” and you have to want it everyday! When you do what you do for the right reasons everything falls into place so much easier.

Get your comprehensive programme that will change your life, One Step at a time!

Payment Options:

One Payment of €397

Four instalments of €100

Many spend years on medicine, nutrition, exercise programmes, furthering their education, searching for the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect house etc the list goes on and on. The sad thing is you can have all of these things and still feel like something is not quiet right, or something is missing or life is just too hard or you are not truly happy or you are fed up pushing yourself for all the wrong reasons and are now burnt out , stressed out, exhausted and unwell.

This programme is so different because it takes you on a journey inside of yourself…your mind, your body, your thoughts, your actions, your reactions, your beliefs, your conditioning, your values, your routines, your attitudes and lots more to help you find a sense of peace, love and calm and therefore every aspect of your life will change for the better.


Connect here with other like minded people…

  • “It has given me the tools to help deal with difficult situations”

    The life blossoming programme has thought me to identify and understand my feelings and emotions and why I act in certain ways. I am so much more self-aware than ever before. It has given me the tools to help deal with difficult situations.I am more confident, I now do things by myself I would never have done before as I feel so much less self-conscious. I am less anxious, nervous and uncomfortable about doing things. Overall I am physically healthier. I am happier in myself and I am happier being me! The things that used to have a big impact on me have so much of a lesser impact and I now can tune in and take the necessary action to solve the issue and nip it in the bud before it escalates and gets on top of me. Nicola.

  • “I encourage everyone to do this programme if they really want to make a difference in their lives!”

    Self-awareness has to be the biggest difference I feel in myself and the knock on positive effect that has on every area of my life.  For years I struggled with so much loneliness, emptiness , self-blame and pushing myself beyond limits and having such high expectations of myself, looking back it is no wonder I was tired and down all of the time. I lived in fear of not making the most of everyday, therefore every moment of every day was filled jammed packed with stuff which I thought was important and all the time I ignored and forgot myself. I was so conditioned to work hard that to rest was being lazy and that was my driving force all the years. Every now and again I have to recheck in with myself and slow back down again but the connection I have with my inner self is so powerful and so strong and I am so thrilled with all the different aspects of this programme for teaching me that I have the answers deep within myself if only I would listen and now I totally understand the importance of self-care and how the simple things have such a positive impact. Thank you and I encourage everyone to do this programme if they really want to make a difference in their lives!


  • “All the tools in this programme have made me a lighter, happier, pain free and very contented person today”

    Life has been a roller coaster for me for so many years, but never in a million years did I think that had anything got to do with my persistent pain. I went to Gertrude with neck and back issues which were debilitating me more and more as the years went on. I had so much to do, these issues were like an inconvenience in my life, I hadn’t time to be sick! But here is the thing, for all of you out there reading this, I took so much for granted especially my health. I blamed my back for being the problem, I didn’t see that I was doing anything wrong or that I could do anything different to help myself. I was so frustrated with the medical system as their only answer was to dope me up to my eyeballs. Gertrude brought to my attention the patterns which were running in my life by the way I was living my life and the connections to the different parts of my body. All the tools in this programme have made me a lighter, happier, pain free and very contented person today! Thank you.


  • “I learned to value myself as Gertrude drilled home to me and as a result my confidence has soared”

    There were so many things which changed by working with Gertrude but the biggest thing which springs to mind right now is how my attitude changed. This was one fo the very first exercises I did, such a simple shift which has changed the way I look at everything in my life now. I was constantly feeling run down, so fatigued all of the time and was unhappy in myself. I found it very difficult to change anything in my life on my own because my self-confidence was so low and I was in a very bad rut. I have made so many small and big changes in my life, from changing my job, making new friends, getting fit, no easy feat as you get older and all because I learned to value myself as Gertrude drilled home to me and as a result my confidence has soared and I actually am proud to say I LOVE the new me.  x 


  • “I’m SO HAPPY I can recognise myself when I just need to do it”

    I don’t even know where to begin! All of your suggestions and techniques and strategies have helped me so much. It’s so hard to pick one thing but if I have to I will pick the emphasis you put onto self-care. I spent my whole life rearing children, working, managing the household etc busy busy busy, I never gave myself a second thought. Of course then as this was my normal and I had so many bad habits I hadn’t a clue where to begin to make change. REST for me has been the biggest thing, to sit and now ENJOY my cup of tea, to others may sound like nothing but for the benefits of this have been amazing. Also so many of the techniques encouraged writing and I now write out as I need to , to get stuff out of my head and I’m SO HAPPY I can recognise myself when I just need to do it or one of the so many other wonderful techniques in your programme to help me switch off and not be stressing! 


  • “That’s what I love about the programme, you just keep learning and deepening your skills and improving how you look after yourself”

    I have had low self-confidence and low self esteem my entire life. I could never speak up for myself and although I knew this is the way I was I had no idea the negative impact it was having on my life and how stressed out I was because of all of that. I was shocked to learn how unaware I was of what was happening in my own body. So apart from a huge improvement in my confidence, (I’m still a work in progress) self awareness is just unbelievable. I was clueless and just didn’t think the stuff that was going on in my body mattered. Now understanding how everything is so connected, my actions, behaviours, habits, the way I treat myself and so on is like a million light bulbs just went off all at once. Incredible, I’m now hungry to just keep learning more, and that’s what I love about the programme, you just keep learning and deepening your skills and improving how you look after yourself. Evie


Here is the video so you can take a sneak peak in at the inside of the programme.

What exactly will I learn or be going through on the Life Blossoming Programme?

The programme is laid out as follows:

1.Welcome section and Introduction to the programme and how to get the most out of it.

Starter exercises:

1.Clarity…Get clear about where you are starting from:Here you will gain more understanding as to how to listen to yourself, and your instincts, what self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, self-talk, self-acceptance etc all mean to you.


When my clients are completely stuck, stressed and have absolutely very little self-awareness or identity I always start with the awakening of their senses and stimulation of the nervous system. These systems are relevant to absolute everyone and everything you do every single day of your life or else you would not be alive. They are fundamental to your health and wellbeing. The senses are directly linked to the nervous system and when we are stressed, unwell or in the stress reactive state the nervous system gets fried. Stress changes the biochemistry in the body and how we either respond or react to various situations or experiences in our lives.

You will learn how to reconnect and rewire it so you can feel much better and much more aware of yourself.

2.Practical self-care section divided into the following sections…

Foodie section…Here we look at the most important foundation steps for your mental and physical health and wellbeing regarding food.

Bodycare section…Here we look at several practical steps to help you take good physical care of your body so it can support overall health and wellbeing and a healthy mindset. Self-care is so important for self-confidence and vitality.

Mind, spirit and soul section… Here we look at ways to nourish your mind, spirit and soul. Every part of your mind and body are interconnected. This whole section will help you to connect it all and improve your health and your self-esteem.

3.Awakening the senses section: This section starts after day 4 and there after you will continue to get steps every 4 days until the end of the programme.

When my clients are completely stuck, stressed and have absolutely very little self-awareness or identity I always start with the awakening of their senses and stimulation of the nervous system. These systems are relevant to absolute everyone and everything you do every single day of your life or else you would not be alive. They are fundamental to your health and wellbeing. The senses are directly linked to the nervous system and when we are stressed, unwell or in the stress reactive state the nervous system gets fried. Stress changes the biochemistry in the body and how we either respond or react to various situations or experiences in our lives.

You will learn how to reconnect and rewire it so you can feel much better and much more aware of yourself.

4. Self-esteem physiologyBecoming aware of your posture and changing simple things can immediately boost your confidence and self-image.

5. Blossoming Check in Space: A space to go when you have gone off track or feel stuck or lost or unable to move forward due to lack of motivation or momentum. There are lots of powerful reminders and questions  within to help bring you back on track. 

6. T.O.P  Healthy Lifestyle (1.Time 2.Organisation 3.Planning): to ensure a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just happen, we have to make time for it, we have to plan for it, we have to organise it to ensure it happens. Many fail to include their health in their normal daily or weekly routine. During this section we will be focusing on understanding the real importance of a TOP healthy lifestyle and implementing routines to support your everyday life. This step is absolutely crucial in order for you to thrive and blossom.

7. Getting to know yourself better and self-esteem section: Here we look at things such as Your story, Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, core values, Relationships, self-talk Listening to your intuition, perfectionism, judgement , coping mechanisms and so much more.

8. Nourish your spirit and Soul: A space to return to again and again for inspiration and rejuvenation, or any time you need a bit of quiet time to reflect. Something in here is bound to reignite that spark within.

9. Forgiveness Therapy:

It’s about learning how to be forgiving in nature…so you are set free form past hurts and traumas.

I know how difficult this topic can be, it is probably one of the hardest things you will ever do, but the rewards are so HUGE, I cannot even begin to put them into words. It really is something you have to experience for yourself.

For me personally the PEACE of mind and of  body and the lightness and freedom I felt after my closure and my forgiveness of  a very big hurt done to me was just so unbelievable. 

I would not have believed the power of forgiveness if I had not experienced it myself.

When I tell my clients they will all say the same thing, it is so difficult to do, but when they do it they FEEL completely different.

You will of course go through this section and it may or may not be relevant to you at the time but sooner or later it is something which crops up in life and you can set yourself free when the time is right.

10. Inner child therapy:

So many people are completely unaware of how something from their past or childhood can have such an impact upon them, most usually in a negative way. You are the person you are today based upon your environment, your thoughts, your attitudes, your experiences, your health etc from when you were a young child, so many of those things will be supportive and beneficial and some will not. It is about identifying what is helping you today and what is not and letting go what is not supportive to you blossoming and embracing what is helpful.

11.Dealing with Emotions: This is a very detailed section where you will learn many ways of dealing with the major emotions such as fear, worry, guilt, overwhelm, anxiety, resentment, frustration, impatience, anger, shame and many others. We explore each in detail with steps to help you deal with these as they arise in your life. In knowing how to deal with these emotions you will be able to help yourself much more readily when these feelings arise and nip stress in the bud much quicker. it also deals with the two main states of Love v’s Fear and how you can recognise which state you live in the majority of the time and the significance of each state upon your health and wellbeing.

Here is one example: Becoming aware of and Overcoming Worry

During this section we take a deeper look at worry and what in essence it means and how you can take simple steps to help you to reduce worrying. Worrying robs you of your LIFE in the presence tense so you are never truly present. Worry creates untold stress on the mind and body and there are many skills and steps you can implement to break the worry habit and move forward with constructive , productive focused actions instead.

12.Discovering True L.OV.E for oneself. 

L…Labels, letting go of past conditioning, beliefs and behaviours

O…Overcoming obstacles, which prevent you from moving forwards or growing

V…Victim or Victor, learn the life transforming difference between the two.

E…Energy, A renewed sense of life energy from truly loving yourself.

Throughout this section we explore more on the positive emotions of happiness, fun, meditations and lots more all about helping you to reconnect with you inner self and reach a more loving state of self-acceptance.

The following two sections are intrinsically linked and the entire body care section covers aspects of health and wellbeing form foods to dealing with sleep issues, low energy, immune health, self-pampering and lots more.

13. Get more E.N.E.R.G.Y. 

E…Energy drainers

N…Nutrients for life

E…Elimination of waste

R…Rest, Rejuvenate and recharge

G…Get up and go


Each of these areas is examined in greater detail to increase your awareness and learn what you can do to improve, enhance and maintain great energy for life!

14. Physical Emotional Interlink (Head to Toe Body Analysis)

Learn to know and understand your body like never before. Every part of the body is examined from an emotional/physiological point of view.Continuing from above with lots more practical body/self-care life blossoming steps. 

15. Four most important D’s for healthy lifestyle





This section goes into more detail about the significance of holding onto “stuff” for the wrong reasons and the massive benefits to our health and overall wellbeing and happiness when we can let go both physically and mentally. It creates clarity and without having clear understanding about what you want you cannot make “right” decisions and therefore without being on track with the right decisions you cannot take the action steps to get you to that point and execute your decisions.

16. Everything you need to know about Goals

From the meaning of goals, to setting goals, to top goal setting tips to help you live  a happier and healthier life. Most people never write down their goals, those that do rarely review them. Also most people do not know what a true goal is and why they are so important. During this entire section there is lots to motivate you and inspire you to help you connect with what you want. Your goals must be for you and no one else. Most stress in life comes from doing things because we think thats what we SHOULD be doing and not because it is what we want. Without true intention, working on something for the wrong reasons makes life harder and more of a struggle. Life blossoming helps you to do just that as you are reconnecting with yourself as it is all about the “FEELINGS” you want to feel and create everyday in your life..

17. How to pick yourself up and stay motivated

How to change from that lethargic, unmotivated mind-set to one of being focused, clear and energetic. This will be building more on what you have already learned and really connecting with your inner “WHY”. Why do you do what you do?

18. How to live an abundant life.

Learning the true meaning of ABUNDANCE and what it means for you in your life right now. Also during this section we will be pulling it all together and utilising all the steps you have learned and have implemented along the way to help yourself. 

It is an online self-care programme that has been on the go for years with my clients…Now I am opening it up to someone like you who may not be able to attend in person…even if you do attend in person the programme acts like having your very own personal coach which you can tap into whenever you want or need inspiration or redirection.

The programme is delivered over a 9 month schedule. However that’s not the end as you have lifetime access and can dip into and out of as needed and take it completely at your own pace. No doubt it has taken you years to get to where you are in life, so while change can happen for certain things instantly, this programme is about you becoming your true self and making this a way of life for you going forward for the rest of your life.

I practice so many of the techniques in here myself everyday and then others at various times when I need to work on a specific issue.

The programme material is delivered every 4 days. ..but once again you dictate the pace at which you work through the steps.

You will get an email reminder to go into the members site to check out the next step. The steps vary in format of audio, video and PDF’s…so you can print off and read/create your handy go-to file or download the mp3s and listen on the go.

Each section has a PDF Summary Poster of each step in graphics so you can print it off and place it somewhere for a quick reference guide or reminder when things aren’t going so well…and you need/want to get back on track.

You get lifetime access to the material and content of the programme in it’s own special members site…so you can review again and again. In this format you do not have to worry about minding emails etc.

No. If you are unwilling to change things then nothing in your life will change. The programme will only work for you if you work with the programme, it is like anything in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. There is no magic wand so unfortunately TAKING ACTION for yourself will be key but of course you can do this at YOUR OWN PACE.

From my experience some people whom I have never even met , who have implemented my techniques or strategies or tips from my free materials and articles etc have had amazing results…with a programme this intense and strategic the results are life changing…However YOU have to take the action!!! Nothing in your life will ever change until something changes….and that change requires consistent action. x

There is no such thing as falling behind. Once you start the programme it will run like a course but you can access and do the programme whenever suits you best. I know life can get busy at times and the most important thing is not to stress over it, you give your best with the time you have. You have life time access to the programme, so you can fit it into your schedule, that is the essence of self-care anyway, it is not about the one day you have or the one weeks holiday you have it is how you think of and treat yourself everyday in your daily life. That’s the essence of true life blossoming…it’s helping you to ‘think’ of yourself in a different way so you can live your life in a calmer, happier, healthier and more confident way.

I know a lot of people like to get everything at once ( me too ) when I’m excited about something but that’s not how this programme works and there is a very good reason for that.

It is divided into specific sections and each section is vitally important in helping you to blossom. Each section is strategically placed in the programme which means that you will layer each lesson piece by piece to ensure you get the best positive results and long term success. Having said that no matter where you are at in your life you can decide exactly what you need to take out of each lesson, every single thing may not be 100% relevant at that moment to you but you will have the lesson and will know it is there and you can come back to it at a later stage when you need to.

Every single step builds on and integrates to the next, everything in the mind and body is intrinsically linked so as you learn the skills and tools you will be using them on a daily/ongoing basis to help you blossom in all areas of your life.You can revisit them over and over again.

Having said all of that I recommend no matter where you are in the programme, as the steps are delivered every four days, go into the step on that day and see what it is about, you can then decide if its for you at that time or not. You will have access to the programme for life so use it as your go to tool for your reminders and  for keeping yourself on track.   

I promise we make it as simple as possible and If you can open an email you will be well able for the technology within this programme. The fact that you are here reading this means you can do that. you can see from the video in step one here of the FAQ’s the inside layout of the programme. All of the steps are clearly labelled so you can go back in and any time you wish and all the content will be there in your members site. You also have the option if you wish to download the audios, videos etc and the Pdf’s or print them off. It’s entirely up to you how you do it.

It is currently €397, which works out Approx €33 per month or just over €1 per day for a year. Trust me for the value of the programme and how it can change your life, it is only a fraction of the worth of it.

The value of the life blossoming programme is €3,000 plus if you were to work with me one to one! but I do not charge that for the programme.

You can pay €397 in full or to make it easier for you we have also included payment options ,€100 spread out over 4 months.

It teaches you practical life development skills and how to deal with things such as forgiveness, guilt, overwhelm, panic, low-self-esteem, poor self/body image, low self-identity, poor self-worth, poor self-confidence, negative thinking, self-sabotage, fatigue/burnout, anxiety, not feeling good enough and lots more and takes you to a place of greater self-awareness, self-acceptance and deeper self-love which are the vital ingredients for helping you to live a life of true happiness.

Learn the importance of and “how” to refill your own cup first so you can easily, freely and lovingly give to others without any feelings of resentment, guilt, frustration, disappointment, hurt, burnout or exhaustion.

Learn the importance of giving and receiving with lots of self-love, self- compassion and kindness thrown in!

You will need to take some time to read or listen to the material but it is not like studying for an exam, it is all about incorporating the steps into your everyday lifestyle therefore it is more about getting you to ‘think’ and Respond in different ways to what life brings up by helping you to change your mindset ,attitude, beliefs and habits…so you can grow, BLOSSOM and shine from the inside out.

Scroll down through out this page and find the Payment options buttons.
Click the button and you will be taken to a page where you can process your payment through secure payment systems ( Stripe and PayPal) .
You will then immediately receive an email with all the information and instructions you need to start right away.

This programme is for you if you are someone who struggles with…

  • Low self-esteem, poor self-image and Lack of self-respect/love and confidence,
  • Trust…in oneself, others and life. ( don’t know how to listen to your gut or afraid to) The head takes over and self-care is imbalanced, forgotten about or put last.
  • Believing it can be easy and having lot’s of beliefs and conditioning around life “has to be hard”…must “work hard”… “push hard” etc in order to achieve or accomplish things in life to the detriment of ones own wellbeing
  • Feeling worthy…feel on some level you don’t deserve happiness or the good things from life
  • Prioritising me time, it doesn’t come naturally, normally forced out of exhaustion or illness, will power can be great for a while but then it fades again!
  • Worries more often than not over what other people think of you/being judged/comparing yourself to others
  • Highly Sensitive to others/external environment, can lead onto being over reactive..All of this can be changed 🙂
  • Relaxing…doesn’t know how to or feels it is a waste of time as far more productive things need to be done, or believes you are lazy if you rest
  • Changing habits…you feel so frustrated as yet again you are in the very place you do not want to be and you are exhausted and overwhelmed by the whole lot, even though you KNOW what you “Should” be doing
  • Sticking to something new or keeping on track or you find it difficult to keep motivated.
  • Liking, loving and accepting yourself and fully embracing the life you deserve.
  • Feeling you are enough and that you matter.

It really saddens me that so many people live with these struggles everyday and there are so many simple and easy life changing things you can do to help yourself and you do not know what they are because you have never been thought them. I want to help you and if you hop on board you can start helping yourself and that’s empowering in itself.

Get your comprehensive programme that will change your life, One Step at a time!

Payment Options:

One Payment of €397

Four instalments of €100

Are you ready to make the commitment to
greater self-confidence and inner wellness?

You don’t have to be a health expert to do this programme but you do have to be willing to be more focused on your health and happiness.

You don’t have to have a lot of time but you have to make commitment of some time.( that differs for each person) Some like to listen on the go and take what they hear and use it others like to spend more time reading, writing etc although writing is encouraged for some of the work to help you delve a little deeper than otherwise possible…

By being more aware , willing and being open to integrating the steps and new ways of thinking in to your daily lives, means you can allow your body to heal and transition into a healthier and happier state mentally, physically and emotionally.

“And the day came when the risk to remain in a tight bud was more painful than at the risk it took to blossom.” Elizabeth Aspell

Read here what other life blossomers’ have to say!

  • I’ve Learned to LISTEN to my Body!!!!

    “The Life blossoming programme made me see positive aspects in my life. It made me realise that I am not a victim of my environment but that I can rather chose my environment and adapt it. It made me see that I am able to change my situation, it made me realise what I really what, what I like and what I don’t like (regarding food, leisure time, people around me, ways of communicating, my sleeping hours etc)
    I can say the programme and all the techniques changed a lot within me, it helped to give me a new me which is so much more self-aware. I have benefited in so many ways but some of them being… Now, I am much more proactive and keep reflecting on situations and finding ways to change them (well, this sometimes takes a while). I am less dependent on other people and their opinion on me.  I listen to what my body likes and what it does not like.
    Also the variety of topics was so good as it showed that all parts of ourselves are interlinked.”  Alex

  •  I am so much healthier and happier. I have a better attitude to love, work, health and money. I feel like a different person!


    “Determination… action… support… encouragement… These are the ingredients needed for lasting change. I kept saying I wanted to change and during the past year I finally achieved it.Gertrude has provided so much support and encouragement– the things I could not have provided for myself when going through so much. With these in place I became more determined and took consistent action.
    I am so much healthier and happier, I have a better attitude to love, work, health and money. I feel like a different person – my circumstance has not changed but everything seems different because I have changed my perspective.I am so grateful for all the praise and encouragement and all the advice and tough love…Looking back, I can barely believe how much I have achieved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

  • I’ve learned that self-love is the only way to heal my body…

    “The programme has helped me in lots of ways but mainly in helping me to understand that self-love is the only true way to heal my body. I have become so much aware of the relationship between the way I think, how my body feels and the symptoms my body portrays. Becoming aware of the victim status and how it was so negatively affecting every part of my life was monumental for me. 30 plus years of searching I can finally put the pieces together and understand that self-belief is the only way forward for me with self-kindness and self-acceptance being at the core of my ongoing self-care.”


  • I am really proud and love the person I am today and that is because of this programme

    “It has helped me heal my past and understand myself better. The life blossoming programme helps you to deal with any past hurts and trauma, leave it in the past and move on. It gives you the tools to help see circumstances and life differently. It helps you to be stronger for the next time something knocks you off your path or hurts you.

    I have learned so much more about myself, I am stronger, mentally and emotionally. I am really proud and love the person I am today and that is because of this programme and working with Gertrude. The content in this made me aware of my own thoughts and feelings that I have. It has allowed me to let go of constant worry and social anxiety. I would 100% recommend this programme as it is all about learning how to love yourself, taking care of your body, being more aware of how you feel about different aspects of life and appreciating yourself. Emotional hurt and negative thoughts can have a negative impact on our health and going through all the different sections I have healed this hurt and allowed my body to release it.The difference between me this year and last year is incredible as I am much more carefree and it is because of the programme. I love the fact that I can go over the different sections anytime I want, when I look back now I can see things in a different perspective and feel differently about a certain topic, I am constantly healing myself and improving myself. I will use the tips and advice for the rest of my life”. Shannon

  • I became very aware of my thought process and the affects they had on my body

    I saw the start of my Blossoming Programme as the beginning of a new life.In short, when I started out I was my own worst enemy. I was dealing with a very negative relationship with food, I was exhausted, frustrated, angry, guilty and even depressed at times.Starting the programme meant that I had to take responsibility for myself, my own actions and behaviours. With Gertrude’s help I became very aware of my thought process and the affects they had on my body. Together we developed tools to overcome negative thinking and I practiced these until they became the norm. I now know how to help myself and how to love myself and most importantly I am living the changes. For anybody who is considering the blossoming programme be prepared for great changes in whatever area you are focusing on. When I look back on the person I was when I started out, physically and emotionally drained…wow the changes are amazing, sometimes I don’t recognise myself.Thank you so much Gertrude.x Eavan

  • I am happier and more confident in my own skin!!!

    “ Doing the programme has been great – it has opened my mind to a new way of thinking (I still struggle with things – only human after all!) but having my notes and affirmations help keep me focused.  For me the “forgiveness section – “self” and “others” I found this very powerful, and very difficult but through our one to one sessions and the programme I am “freer”.  I have started this very important process and no longer feel that I am carrying what I can only refer to as a “weight” within myself – through the programme I have found the self esteem that has been long missing and am in touch with the real me again.  

    I am more confident and happier in my own skin – this may not seem that big a deal to others – but for me these negative feelings etc that I thought I couldn’t change – did change , not easy, It is worth it.

    Doing the programme gave me “hope” that I would start feeling better about myself but I knew that in order for that to happen I had to put the work into the “doing” of the programme.THANK YOU GERTRUDE”  Kathleen

Get your comprehensive programme that will make your days easier , happier and healthier.

“Beauty is about what’s inside of us. Loving who we are and nurturing that.Outward beauty can really blossom from there”  Connie Britton



Here are more of the life changes
experienced from previous life blossomers’

  • The reminders for me to slow down and look after myself were priceless.

    This programme really helped me through a very busy and demanding time, the ongoing reminders for me to slow down and look after myself were priceless. This is something I could never do without guilt and beating myself up in the process.Thank you.

  • I feel Calmer.

    I think the life blossoming programme is a brilliant programme that has made a lot of difference to my day to day wellbeing.I feel like I have a list of tools at my disposal to use if I feel stressed etc. So I feel calmer & I’m definitely better at planning & goal setting which has improved my day to day quality of life. I like that it’s very comprehensive- there’s a lot in it so I feel there’s ongoing support in it for most situations/feelings etc that I will come across in life. My advice to anyone thinking of doing the programme is this…Do it! Make time for it. Be consistent with it- you don’t have to do it when the emails arrive, do it by your own timeline but set aside a consistent time for it. It will make your day to day life so much better. 


  • I now have a quality of life I could never have anticipated

    “Initially when I came to see Gertrude my future looked rather bleak.  Signing up for the Blossoming Programme gave me hope because Gertrude’s knowledge of the body was astonishing.  She understood the relationship of one part to another and most importantly for me the relationship between the physical and emotional.  

    Individually each new step I took was small but one year later they have all come together to produce amazing results.  I wanted to get well, so I gave the programme my best effort and I was rewarded accordingly.  I now have a quality of life I could never have anticipated, for which I am very grateful.” Bernadette


    My Mindset Changed and my Confidence Grew, 

    This blossoming programme just came at the very right time for me. I was so stressed out in my life I simply felt I wasn’t coping at all. On putting the messages and the techniques into practice my mindset changed and my confidence grew. I cannot believe the change in me.


  • The biggest thing I realise I need to do is to take action and responsibility for myself

    The ongoing reminders and support and steps within the blossoming programme are exactly what I needed to keep me continuing to take positive self-caring action and that’s the biggest thing I realise I need to do is to take action and responsibility for myself. I have gotten so much help from Gertrude than I ever thought possible as for years medically I have been so disappointed. The programme helps you to looks inside and make connections with all that is happening in your outside world.
    Thanks so much. Marie

  • I learned how to love, respect and believe in myself more . It is transformational 

    “ I thought the programme was excellent, really powerful and so valuable. It has motivated me to really look inward and in doing so I learned how to love, respect and believe in myself more and the real benefits this brings to me. 

    It is transformational – at the outset you may not be entirely sure what it is you need to work on but as you go through the programme, using the various tools and techniques, lots of things come up that need to be worked through.  This is only possible through the excellent guidance, support, energy and challenge that Gertrude puts into it, bringing her vast experience, both personal and professional, to bear on all the sessions within.  

    The realisation that we are three-dimensional (physical, emotional, spiritual) and how this has impacted my health and well being. I am much more self- aware ( Mind & Body) that physical issues (digestion, neck pain) is associated with emotional issues, thus the need to stop and think how am I feeling, where am I feeling it and using suggested techniques to deal with the issue.Being very clear about the blocks (family issues, personal traumas etc) in different areas of my life, how far back they stretch and how I could get closure by dealing with them.  I definitely feel my self-esteem has increased and am more conscious of the need to maintain my self—care programme which includes saying ‘No’ a lot more.

    The type of change and benefits you experience are certainly not possible by doing something like this yourself – we may think we know it but doing it for real needs focus and guidance and this is what the programme provides. Self-care is a greater focus in my life and I now feel much better about myself!!!” ? Irene

Yes! I’m Ready to say YES to ME!!!

One Payment of €397

Four instalments of €100

“To Be HAPPY With Oneself Is Thy Greatest Gift”  Gertrude Lawler

  About Gertrude:

PSPlease click here to read more about me ( The creator of this programme, Natural Health Advocate and Self-Care Enthusiast! )

PPSI love flowers for every reason imaginable. They are so vibrant and colourful, each one so uniquely different ( just like us), they are so fragile, delicate and yet so strong. They can recover after the windiest and wettest of days where they looked bruised and bashed but perk themselves back up quickly and do what they do…being their best selves.I love their scents and how they instantly can cheer me up and connect me to life and how important it is to literally take the time to stop and smell the roses and appreciate what’s important. The seasons wait for no one, my hope for you is this:- that NOW is your time and your season to become your most colourful, confident, vibrant loving self.

My mission is for you to be truly happy being yourself. I look forward to you joining me within x