The “Easy Option”!

Some one said to me recently,it much easier to be unhealthy… but is the easier option the best option? More often than not it is not. I am all for life being as easy as possible but with  a little planning, direction and healthy intention you can get the best of both worlds. Convenience and health at your fingertips after you initially put in the effort…

She said its easier to ‘Not’ make the effort to get up early and go for my walk, it is easier to eat crap, it is easier to veg out and do nothing…it is easier to get a takeaway or grab a sambo at the deli counter….there is temptation everywhere you go!

Yes, indeed at that moment in time it may be the perfect solution to everything to just give into the moment! But long-term is it the best thing for you?

It is not the one time when you decide not to go for the walk, its not the one time you decide to have bickies with your cuppa, its not the onetime you have the extra glass of vino…. its the negative cumulative impact of each of these steps. Each one on their own would probably have little or no consequence to your health or energy, over time though each of these steps CREEP up upon you and before you know it you are unhappy in your own skin, you do not like who you have become, you may have symptoms of ill health or you may have had a health scare.

Unfortunately for many it is only when things get out of control or they reach crisis point do they then decide or perhaps they are forced to make the necessary changes which they put on the long finger.

Sadly we usually only really appreciate our health when we no longer have it. Everyday I work with people who wish they could turn back the clock or who wish they had made changes sooner or those who beat themselves up with guilt over the way they have mistreated their bodies.

Firstly IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to make a fresh start. If you are someone who keeps talking about making change then why not do something different today. Give it your absolute best, you can never fail when you give it your best. Do not strive for perfection, it does not exist, so the quicker you change that mindset the better. Be perfectly imperfect.

When you give it your best and compliment yourself along the way, you will motivate yourself to do more. When you do not reach that place or point of ‘perfection’ you may feel disappointed, self-critical or not good enough. This negative critical mindset will keep you trapped in the ‘whats the point…. it’s easier to be unhealthy vicious circle.


Value yourself, value your health and START today the healthy way