R.E.C.I.P.E.S For life – E is for Essential nutrients for life.


Part 6 of 7

In this section for each weekly recipe I will give you some key nutrients to help you make changes to your particular health problem and therefore promote greater wellness and wellbeing. The greater you feel the happier you will be! A nutrient can be defined as “A substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life.” Many people are completely unaware of what their body needs to make the biggest difference to their health. There is no doubt about it many of these key nutrients which are essential to our life are sourced from mother-nature in the form of wholesome food and good quality water. There are also many other vital nutrients and here I will give you a few to get started with…

Oxygen: this is the most important nutrient each of us needs every day for our survival, yet many of us go from day to day with little fresh air. Heated homes, cars, air conditioned offices/cars our immune systems become quite vulnerable and easily suppressed. When a lowered immune system is topped up with stress you become a target for long-term health problems. Ensure you get at least 5-10 minutes fresh air daily for good lung function and long term health. Also practice deep breathing, shallow breathing is not enough.

Laughter: can be too seldom an occurrence for many. Laughter is one of the free gifts we have been given to make every cell in our body feel better. When is the last time you had a good belly laugh? Ensure you surround yourself with positive fun people whom add joy to your life; laughter can be contagious so ensure you pass some on today. In my opinion laughter is a nutrient you must have every day for a healthy mind and body. 🙂

Silence/Quietness: time out to rest, to think, to pray, to give thanks, just some quite time to allow the body to heal and repair, absolutely critical nutrient for a happy healthy you! Even 20 minutes a day can make all the difference. Give it a go.

Sleep: I cannot emphasis enough the importance of a good nights’ sleep. When you are feeling tired, exhausted, irritable, moody etc because of lack of sleep every little task or problem seems a whole lot worse as your body’s natural ability to cope is reduced. If you suffer from sleep problems take action today to work on it.