Please Do not put your body through Extremes..

So many times i am asked about diets..which, one would I recommend?, which is best for losing weight?…I have tried all the diets and none of them work for me…

My answer is simply…I don’t BELIEVE IN ANY RESTRICTIVE DIETS…Only a healthy well balanced diet, with plenty of sleep, rest, selfcare, exercise and self love. That’s how you reach your optimum weight and maintain Longetivity.

Diets like Chicken soup diet,Atkins diet, Grapefruit/fruit juice diet, One meal  a day diet, Chocolate diet..and so on..DO NOT WORK..

They cannot work, they are extreme and very UNHEALTHY.

Think about it, your body is very complex, it requires many different nutrients from different sources to keep it alive, healthy and well.. That’s a fact!

Therefore how can it carry out a complexity of work with one or two single nutrients.. IT CANNOT. It can for a very short time, hence you feel may even lose weight…as the body is being starved of all the other nutrients it needs.. soon your give up because its so difficult and you feel so miserable …this leads to weight gain as the body wants to protect itself in case you decide to do something extreme again..

  • Please eat little and often, eat a wide variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, meat, fish, to obtain nutrients from all sources.
  • Drink water
  • Exercise regularly
  • Be nice to yourself.. self-criticism  leads onto poor self image, comfort from food and so on.
  • Keep to a rubbish to a minimum sweets, crisps,minerals …you know the list

    Encouraging longevity with a balanced lifestyle.