Part 3. Are my eating habits making me ill?

Your eating habits could be making you ill.

Last we looked at the importance of not drinking significant amounts when you eat and the important of digestive enzymes.

Let me share with you another story of a woman in her 60’s who came with general tiredness and after a few sessions she mentioned that for the previous 30 something years she would have to lie down most days and rest her head because of the strain and tightness she would feel in her neck. Mobility in her neck was much reduced and turning her head while driving e.g to park was becoming more and more difficult. She had no digestive symptoms at all and yet digestive enzymes is what she needed to actually help strengthen her neck muscles.

The tiredness was creeping up because over the years her body was becoming less and less able to cope. When we eat we should feel supercharged and re-energised by their food we have just eaten, if you do not experience this, then something is wrong and you need to get it checked out.

As I have already said, your digestive system is CORE to every cell of your body being healthy and to you feeling alive, healthy and well. If you do not have sufficient digestive enzymes  your body will really struggle to break the food down, so it uses up whatever energy it has to get the job done before you eat again. You will know you are low in digestive enzymes if you feel very tired after eating, this is one of the most common symptoms.

What few people realise is that some of the neck/face/jaw muscles are directly linked to your digestive system and neck problems are often an indicator of a digestive problem. After working with this lady on replenishing her digestive enzymes and re-educating her on her eating habits (slow down while eating, chew your food thoroughly, avoid excessive liquids at meal times, avoid eating big meals before bed etc) her neck no longer bothers her.

She has full rotation of her neck after 30 plus years of being told nothing could be done with her neck and she would have to live with it. Every single part of our bodies is connected. Some may appear not to be but they are.

When you think about it, you are only one body, so how could they not be? The best thing you can do for your health is start thinking about how everything is connected. This will help you understand more of what is actually going on in your own body.  You have complete control over HOW you eat. You may think you do not, but you do.

If you are under so much pressure you do not have time to eat then you seriously need to have a look at how you can change that because it may not be affecting you today as you have no apparent health symptoms but your body can only compensate for so long. Then the health problem can hit you like a bang. If eating slowly and small mouthfuls etc was so important while you were a toddler then why would it not after to your today?

Food for thought… For the full run down go here

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