Part 2 Your eating habits could be making you ill.

Continuing on from last week where I was asking you to have a serious look at how you eat and why it is so important. Doctors and medical professionals really pay very little attention as to HOW we eat, all of the attention goes to what we eat and that as I have said only becomes important when you have the first part of the process correct to begin with.

Here is a testimonial from a young guy whom we will call Pat for confidential reasons…

“For most of my life from what I can remember I suffered with digestive

problems, every kind imaginable. Since the age of 10 I had seen all

sorts of specialist doctors and most common scans and tests. I would

go through periods of feeling relatively healthy but not knowing why.

When I would go through periods of having digestive problems it would

bring me down. It limited me to what I could do both socially and

physically. I started with Gertrude in mid-2013. I’m 28 now and

travelling the world, something I always wanted to do but never even

considered I would be able to because of my digestive issues. It’s a

decision that ultimately changed my life for the better and I couldn’t

be happier. Thanks Gertrude.”


When this young man came to see me, he really was miserable. His entire life was centered around how he stomach/guts felt from day to day.

No matter what  foods he looked at nothing really made any difference, he spent his entire life almost looking at what he ate or thought he could not. One day he would feel great, the next he could feel awful, for no apparent reason.

This is a frustrating trend and pattern I see repeatedly. First of all, he knew water was good for him and because he felt so bunged up all of the time he increased his water intake to 3-5 lts per day. The majority of this water was consumed during his main meals.

So what are the problems here you may ask? Our mouth , our stomach, and other parts of the digestive system must secrete and produce digestive enzymes in order for the body to be able to break down the food just eaten and therefore extract the goodness which we need in order to grow and survive. If we do not have the right level of these life saving enzymes we will become ill, it is  fact, it is just a matter of time depending on other health aspects for each person.

With the excessive amount of water being consumed at meal times you are only diluting your digestive enzymes so they cannot do what they are designed to do. With lumps and chunks of undigested food blocking the digestive tubes all kinds of problems can arise, bloating/abdominal swelling, indigestion, heartburn, inflammation, nausea, dizziness, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, constipation, liver congestion, headaches, skin breakouts,  and a general feeling of being unwell and feeling like crap!

This week , avoid drinking while you eat. Consume 2lts of water or so other hydrating fluids throughout the day. Chew your food well, and for the full 30 healthy eating habits to change your life go here http;// ! see you next week for part 3.



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