PART 2 “How To Beat That Struggling Feeling.

So how do you manage when you feel you are struggling? Here are some tips to help you go from struggle to success and happiness!

  1. Become aware of your feelings and accept that you are struggling if that is how you are feeling no matter how big or little the problem may appear to be or actually is. Stop judging yourself. Admit how you feel,be honest with yourself and ask for help. When you identify what it is you want or need to help you are already much closer to actually getting it or achieving it.
  2. Step back from the problem, when we are too close to the problem we literally cannot see the wood from the trees. Take a break, do whatever you need to do to rest your mind and body and give yourself a chance to regain some confidence, strength and drive to solve the problem or get though the struggle to a place of completion, closure, success and happiness. Taking a bath or getting a good night sleep or a blast of fresh air or  a good laugh are all simple  things yet more often than not they are enough to refresh us.
  3. Believe in yourself, believe you can solve the problem and overcome the feelings of struggle which you are experiencing.
  4. Give yourself some slack. Be kind and compassionate towards yourself at all times. Beating yourself up is the last thing which will help but it is often the main route lots of the people I work with take. They fall into the trap of beating themselves up, being critical of themselves and pushing themselves too hard. Burnout, exhaustion, emptiness, heartache and unhappiness result not to mention the health problems, the self-sabotaging bad habits… the vicious circle starts and continues which can eat you alive.
  5. Praise yourself and encourage yourself along the way. Take some time to reflect on where you are exactly and how far you have come. Too often all we concentrate on is the end point or where it is we want to get to. Accept where you are, reflect upon it and offer gratitude for it. If it is something you have to do yourself or go through on your own, take it one hour or one day at a time, break the whole situation down into manageable bite sized pieces. Think of the “How would you eat an elephant question?” One bite at a time. Make each step or stage manageable. Baby steps will rebuild your confidence and help you to make progress.

You see it works. I went from writers block to two articles about struggle wow wee!!!

Have a brilliant week and remember one final thing, no matter where you are in your life right now.

This moment too will pass!!!