One secret to feeling healthy, well, energised and in good shape…

Eat little and often. This year for a healthy you if you practice this one strategy alone I have no doubt you will see big improvements in how you feel. This prevents energy slumps, weight gain, bloating, stomach pain, digestive discomfort, blood sugar imbalances, mood swings, cravings and so much more.

I see people who are usually either one of the spectrum or the other, one group eats nothing all day and then eat a HUGE meal in the evening or the other group overeats all throughout the day on all the wrong foods.

You have heard me say this before, an empty sack cannot stand, you cannot function efficiently, you cannot think clearly, you cannot thrive if you are not feeding your body on a regular basis with quality nutritious food…not JUNK!!…One of the biggest reasons for people feeling tired, having cravings and eating too much junk in the first place is because they are not feeding their bodies the nutrition it requires often enough.

In order to ensure you are not overeating, Begin to have a serious look at your portion sizes. Have you actually ever weighed your food to give you an idea of what 100g looks like? This is a really good exercise to do as it will help you understand quantities much better. I am not talking about obsessing about calories and portion sizes. The truth is when you eat REAL food, fruit, vegetables, nuts, juices, leafy green salads etc you do not have to worry about calories as these foods are so high in nutrients.

A recent study was carried out whereby a group of people were each given a packet of crisps to eat, they were unaware of what the study was actually about other than they were needed for a talk and they volunteered. They were given the crisps while they were meant to be waiting for a talk. Each person was given different sized bags of crisps. Every single person finished their bag of crisps, varying from 25g to 150g bag sizes. The experiment was to prove that most people just eat what food is in front of them, without consciously being aware of how much they eat.

By eating little and often you are giving your body the chance to cope with, digest and assimilate what you have eaten. Listen to your body and only eat when genuinely hungry.

When is the last time you actually felt hungry?

For the majority of people the majority of the time they eat by the clock or because it is something to do. They eat for comfort or pleasure without actually being consciously aware of what they are eating or most importantly why they are eating it. In the past few weeks so many people have expressed to me that generally they eat until they are stuffed or they feel stuffed or bloated all of the time.

Put these strategies in place and feel lighter, happier and more energised for 2014.