Mental Health – Part 1 Are you Depressed?

Whether you answer this question with a loud yes or a quiet internal knowing or a simple nod of the head, I am so happy you are aware of how you feel. Over the next few weeks I will be writing about this subject because it is a major health problem and is something anyone of us can suffer from at any time in our lives. That is not to scare you, but merely to be realistic about it.

It is a fact when things hurt us and make us feel bad, NO MATTER WHAT OUR AGE, those hurts can leave us feeling self-conscious, fearful, frightened, alone, misunderstood, unloved, rejected, hopeless, helpless, paranoid, emotional, angry, frustrated…. on and on the list can go, until the matter is resolved in some form or another.

When you hear of someone having diabetes, heart problems, arthritis or their gallbladder removed you don’t stop to think twice because they are ‘Normal’ diseases. However if you were to tell someone how low you feel, how tired, unmotivated, sad, lonely and rejected you feel,  you would be labelled something like a leopard as there is something wrong with you!

Well I am telling you there is absolutely nothing wrong with you only you have been a victim of some experience or past trauma or hurt or some imbalance in the body, this is perfectly normal. Tell me who has gone through life as if it were a bed of roses. This is where you may compare yourself to someone else who has gone through a rougher or tougher life than you so what right do you have to feel like this, right? You have every right to feel the way you do.

Do not compare yourself to others, this is a natural way to feel when you are going through a period of suppression or depression. When you compare yourself to others you are denying how you are feeling, listen to your own body. It’s like foods what is one man’s poison is another man’s medicine, that’s because we are all unique and very special. I like to refer to depression as the body being in a suppressed state, where things are submerged within. When you offload those, heal and treat the body on ALL levels that load lightens, the body reawakens and you can feel lighter and brighter and good about life. See you next week for part 2, this week take real good care of yourself!