Make time to plan your meals and be healthy

At this time of the year people often get carried away with just looking at one thing…Losing weight! There are many other aspects to healthy living and feeling healthy and one thing which plays a major role in living a happy and healthy and vibrant life is making time to plan your meals for yourself and your family.

Food plays a vital role in every part of our lives to how happy we are, how we socialise, how fit we are etc Everyone has different needs and requirements for food, according to the climate, their age, gender, their health condition, their daily activity, their likes, dislikes, food customs and taboos!!! In the past meals were a family, where the whole family would sit down together in a leisurely manner and enjoy their food. Food habits have rapidly changed to fit in with rapid changing lifestyles, where people graze more and eat on the go as opposed as to having dedicated mealtimes.

So what you may say? The problem is that people are now being controlled by the poor quality choice of foods available as convenience foods. These foods are very processed and rich in addictive like additives, resulting in rising epidemics of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

These diseases are from lifestyle choices. By taking a few minutes every evening or at the weekend to plan what you will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner can mean you will be organised and less tempted to have that takeaway or the ready to pop into the microwave dinner. It is so important to keep in mind every action you take NOW, is what will be the deciding factor in your future health. That can either be positive health of failing health.  One last thing is to change your attitude, if you think meal planning is going to be difficult and time consuming then you will be right, that is exactly what you will find, if your attitude is one of’ bring it on’ I’m up for that, you will find it easy and manageable and something that can make a huge difference in how happy and healthy you will be.


I have put together a simple effective product, (when put into action of course )  of helping you to look at all areas of being a healthier you, thus I have called it HEALTHY YOU, You can get it here and start today to make a real difference to your health by taking a few consistent action steps. I have found that it’s not that people don’t know most of the time what they need to do but they do not take consistent persistent action. Whatever change you want to make, continue with one step until it is automatic then make another change. Overwhelm results too often by taking on too much too quick (I have done this several times myself, but as they say I have learned the hard way) that is why I know the benefit of taking practical easy steps. Enjoy!!!


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