Is there anything wrong with Chewing Gum?

I know many people never chew gum and then on the other hand there are vast sales for people who chew gum very regularly. Chewing gum is not good for you for a number of reasons. I will explain the 3 biggest reasons why you should not chew gum here. The majority of people either chew gum to freshen their breath or they chew gum in order to break some other dietary habit or some other habit like nail biting or smoking.

The mouth is the very beginning of the digestive process and in the mouth food should be chewed to form a paste. When you chew food the temporal lobe of the brain stimulates your stomach and digestive tract to produce digestive enzymes to break the food down. When you chew gum constantly your body produces enzymes however  when no food arrives in the stomach area and you produce excess acid and digestive enzymes for nothing, you are exhausting your system.

When you do eat , usually a while later your body is tired and produces less enzymes than it should and therefore your digestive system becomes burdened by the food. In turn this food can putrefy, ferment, go off basically and produce gas. This is a major cause of excess gas and bloating in the digestive system.

The second biggest reason you should not chew gum is because of the artificial sweeteners present in the gum, especially those which state sugar free. Most people go for the sugar free variety because they think they are doing better by choosing the sugar free option. Artificial sweeteners can lead onto clogging up your liver and causing many problems from digestive, to tiredness, headaches, stress, irritability, weakened adrenal glands and lots more.

Avoid them where possible. Read the labels and see for yourself how many sweeteners are present. They are not a very healthy low calorie option. Use fresh or dried fruits or a little stevia or maple syrup instead for adding more natural sweetness to your diet.

The third biggest reason for avoiding gum is because it can weaken your jaw muscles and excessive chewing for some irritates and weakens entire muscle groups in the face, head, neck, throat, digestive tract and others. This can have a massive impact on your long term health and energy and jaw problems can cause headaches, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep issues and lots of others beside. If you get soreness or tiredness in your jaw because of excessive chewing your jaw muscles may be misaligned and in need of treatment. So here are three big reasons not to chew gum. I hope it helps you to make healthier alternatives going forward.

Until next time, keep well.

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