How to Put on Weight Part 2 | Healthy Eating

One of the main factors related to being underweight is deprivation. You need to ask yourself what are you depriving yourself of?

Is it sufficient food?

Is it eating when you are hungry and not when you feel you must or have to or when you have everything else done?

Is it giving your body what it really needs instead of going without because you don’t have the time, or because you are so driven with work or family or other pursuits?

Are you over exercising?

Are you getting at least 8 hours sleep per night?

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just STOP. Stop and smell the roses! Appreciate all of the little tiny things in your life. Eat little and often when you are hungry. Eat high nutritious snacks comprising of all the food groups, protein, carbohydrates and fats. Eat more avocados, chia seeds, if you can tolerate nuts, grind them up and add them to cereals, veges, salads, smoothies etc soak your nuts prior to eating to make them much more digestible and absorbable in the body.

Have a serious look at your lifestyle and see where you can cut back if you are overdoing it. Only do light exercise 3-4 times per week with something you enjoy to move your body and keep fit. Do not exercise if you feel you have to or you are too tired as this defeats the whole purpose of getting the benefits out of exercise in the first place.

Ensure to get tested to rule out toxicity in the gut such as parasites, as they can cause anaemia, excessive hunger, underweight, tiredness, tummy upsets and lots more. Also it is important to ensure you do not have leaky gut. If you have leaky gut you will not be getting much benefit from your food. While it is so important to eat healthy it is even more important that you are absorbing the healthy food.

Stress must be addressed and managed on all levels, stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline in excess can also be a cause of being underweight as the body is being driven a full speed all of the time. This will upset sleep patterns and lots more. Being underweight can also be caused by overactive thyroid gland which again is hugely affected by stress and jaw (TMJ) mis-alignment.

There are certainly lots of factors to consider but above all else…Be patient and kind with yourself, it takes time and plenty of TLC to get your body back into a healthy and thriving state. Slow down and simply enjoy life more. Each case is specific therefore I treat each person as an individual, it is never one size fits all.