How freely can you or do you express yourself?

Everyone hears about stress, everyone talks about stress, but few really know the impact long term stress or traumas can have on their minds, their bodies or their health. Every day I meet people who trust me, who open up and tell me so many of the things which they have experienced or suffered or are currently going through. For some people it may be the first time in their lives that they ever felt safe or wanted to express their deep hurts or thoughts. The result afterwards is always ‘they now feel better’!

One of the first things I say to everyone is, NOTHING YOU EVER SAY OR THINK IS STUPID. What you are thinking and feelings is for a very good reason. It may not be logical but that does not matter. So many people do not go to seek help because they are too embarrassed or ashamed or feel stupid or feel they will be judged, admonished, or punished in some way for expressing themselves. I know first-hand the negative impact all of these things can have on your body.

Every single cell in your body is alive, every single cell needs food, water, oxygen, blood supply, waste detoxification and most importantly every single cell in your responds to love, kindness and nurturing. I am sure for you and for so many people you know you would not treat others the way you treat yourself. This is true for so many people. So many over-give either as an act of learned behaviour (they really do not know any different), or it is what they feel is expected of them.

When we over-give sometimes it can be in order to receive something back in return, it may be recognition, acknowledgement, it may be love….there are lots of reasons why you may over-give, if you over-give, ask yourself, why? Usually the real reason for over-giving is lack of self-recognition, lack of true self-love and kindness. Some people give themselves absolutely no credit or praise or time at all. If this is you, I am sure your health, energy, well-being and happiness are suffering in some way.

Stop now and see what patterns you can identify with. Ask yourself how else can you express yourself other than over-giving. Ask yourself how are you expressing yourself on a daily basis? Is it through your children, is it through your work, is it through writing or talking with someone, is it by being kind and good to yourself? This week focus on expressing yourself clearly, get off some old negative stuff off your chest, and stop bottling it all up.

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