How are you treating your body?

How are you Treating/Mis-treating IT?

What is it? ‘It’ to many is their description of their precious human body.. ‘IT’ usually refers to an object or item of some form or other. Many go through most of their life without giving themselves a second thought. Life is precious, your mind and your body are precious. Give gratitude for everything you have in your life right now. Look around you and accept all of your blessings. It keeps you in the present moment, it helps you to stay focussed and less worried about tomorrow and your future.

Our bodies are NOT like an elastic band.

Yes our bodies can stretch so far, we can stretch in different ways through learning, growth and development, by seeking a new adventure or by challenging ourselves to pursue a new project and see it through to completion.

We can stretch and grow through different forms of exercises. However, when the body is stretched beyond it’s natural flexibility, something has to break or snap. Therefore it is so important to accept your body has a natural limitation. It cannot survive very long in a highly healthy thriving state when it is stressed for years on end, when it is neglected, when you burn the candle at both ends, when you keep being hard on yourself, putting yourself down, believing you are never enough and so on…

The reason why I am saying this to you this week is because everyday I work with people who struggle to take care of themselves, many are completely unaware of what they are doing to themselves.

Others ‘know’ what they are doing is not good, however they still do it. As an example recently I working with a girl who is in her late twenties. She has a maze of health problems, most of which she has had most of her life. Before her treatment she was completely unaware of the connection between things or how the body works. She said it was empowering to learn so now she could really help herself.

Please think of your body each and every part as ONE. When one thing goes out of balance or is injured or hurt, some other part has to make up for that and compensate. This is something we are never thought.

Today think about how you treat your body, good or not so good. What area can you improve on? Stop mistreating your body like an old rubbish bin. Feed yourself little and often with healthy nutritious foods. Speak works of love and kindness to yourself and others…

Take good care of yourself, it is your responsibility!

Keep well,


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