Help ‘ME’ to take care of ‘ME’…Part 2 of 2

Hope you are feeling a little better if you have already carried out the steps from last week’s part 1?

How do you feel when you see something beautiful or first thing in the morning when the sun is beaming down?

It usually makes you feel good I bet. This is a positive feeling. Hold on to it in your mind, Visualise, dream, imagine life without your ailment and the tension created by it will ease. Practice makes this technique perfect!

It can be difficult to be positive all of the time, when things are going wrong, really allow yourself to feel the negative feelings and work on letting them go as quickly as possible. The more you focus on being thankful for all you have in your life, can really help you to keep things in perspective.

Drink plenty of water to wash out toxins. Most people do not drink enough pure liquids everyday. A toxic body leads on to tiredness, aches, pains, sleepless nights and much more. Start today to flush them away! Drink small amounts throughout the day and NEVER more than 50mls while eating as you are washing away your natural production and functioning of your digestive enzymes. Without digestive enzymes you will experience great difficulty in digesting your food over time.

Cut out rubbish for as long as possible and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and plain foods to give your digestive system a good rest. This is a major tonic in itself. Just start off by making one small change e.g. eat no processed foods for a few days, reduce tea or coffee intake.

Get to bed early. Sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body. If you dream or suffer from nightmares, it can be a sign that there is something on your mind that you need to get sorted or it may be something you are worried or anxious over or you may have toxins in your system. Sometimes when we have toxins in our system, often they can be most active at night time causing sleepless nights. When you are lacking sleep you will feel tired, irritable, grumpy and have aches and pains and much more the next day. You will feel unmotivated and find it difficult to concentrate.

Regular exercise is very important to help promote healing & maintain a healthy body. Unused muscles lead to tired, achy, sore, overweight body. If one particular area is hurting you, others muscles have to compensate and then they become overused and tired.

Start with very gentle exercise, even 10 minutes a day equals 70 minutes a week. Exercising in the house means the weather can’t be an excuse but get out into the fresh air as much as possible. Be aware of your posture while you are walking, sitting, eating, driving and so on Even a little gardening can work wonders and promotes a sense of achievement.