Food Wellness versus Illness

Food can make you ill or it can make you well. This is a fact. I witness hands on everyday the impact of people’s diet on their health and happiness.

How do you feel after you eat?

There are a number of things to consider re your diet…So the next time you go to pop something into your mouth, see how many of the boxes below you can tick!

It really can be the difference between what makes you well and what makes you ill.

  1. The actual food or drink you consume in itself. Is it cooked or raw, has it been heat treated or processed in some way, has it got additives added? Is it plant or animal based protein or its it a highly refined carbohydrate, is it high in sugar or salt, is it high in processed fats or essential fatty acids?
  2. How quickly you eat or drink your food, do you chew it thoroughly?
  3. How you are feeling at the time you eat/drink (relaxed, tense or stressed with your mind on other things?)
  4. The quality of the food you eat/drink, how fresh is it, where has your food been sourced from? Is it locally grown or organic?
  5. The health of your body at this moment, is it currently deficient or is it toxic? E.g. did you know Vitamin B3 (niacin) helps turn your food into energy and helps to maintain the skin, nerves and digestive system. Stress can rapidly deplete your body of the B Vitamins, therefore the problem continues, so even though you may eat well, if your digestive system is stressed you will be unable to convert that food into energy and also you will be unable to fully absorb all the available nutrients from the food you eat.
  6. How much variety you have in your diet. This is one of the biggest problems I find with my clients when they lack energy, enthusiasm and vitality for life, their diet is filled with the same things day in day out. You need variety in your diet, think of adding as much colour as possible to ensure a broad spectrum of both macro and micro nutrients.
  7. How is your bowel movements, if you are not eliminating the waste generated in your body you will create further toxicity and nutrient deficiencies in your body.
  8. The environment in which you eat, is extremely important to how your body reacts to the food you have just eaten. Ensure to always eat in a nice warm comfortable environment where you can focus on the nourishment you are giving your body. Meal times should be sacred, a time to restore well needed nourishment to the body. Give thanks for all the food you have. Nurture your mind and body and take good care of it. After all as they say life is for real, it is not a dress rehearsal.

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