Embrace Change and become a Happier healthier you!

I always say it you do not need a New Year date in order to make changes to improve your health, as you can change anytime you set your mind to it. However a lot of people upon commencing a new year will make all kinds of promises to themselves.

Change must happen in rider for anything to be different and it is often the very first obstacle I help clients overcome. In order to reach a point of a happier healthier you, you need to be able to embrace change rather than resist it! Making changes to our routines and lifestyles for many can be very difficult.

Many are even content to put up with things which are not good for them, hurt them or cause pain or ill health as it’s easier than actually making the change. It may the habit of smoking or drinking or not exercising or not going to bed early or not drinking water or putting up with the headaches or  back-pain, and doing nothing about them…what habit is it you would like to change.

Here are some lifelong tips to help you break those habits you have been putting on the long finger. Change is not easy but positive change can have an amazing benefit to your health, your energy, your loved ones, your sleep, your mood and so on. I encourage you to give these a go!

  1. Decide what it is you would like to or need to change (if anything)
  2. Change only one poor habit at a time! Many decide to do all or nothing or too much at once then they give up. The self-blame and guilt often set in..adding more fuel to the vicious negative cycle.
  3. Write it out, whatever you commit to do or change write it out clearly, mark it with a date so it is very clear when you are starting from and then write out all the benefits of making the change. Keep this close to hand and read it every day.
  4. Take each benefit and write them out individually example on different dates in your diary or calendar, set them as reminders on your phone, put them in the book your reading at the moment, stick them to the mirror, fridge wherever works best for you as a constant reminder for you to keep going. Giving up is not an option when it is something you truly want.
  5. Accept and acknowledge that you may feel a little worse before you feel the immediate benefits of the change depending on what you are working on, e.g. if quitting coffee you may have withdrawal headaches for 2 days or so, so always cut down gradually. Benefit better sleep, brighter skin, more energy, healthier more energised liver and so on…
  6. When the going gets tough… Be kind to yourself, Encourage yourself and surround yourself with things which offer support.
  7. Make out a list of new ways to reward yourself. Enjoy making your new healthy habits ☺