Are you feeling stuck, negative, exhausted, frustrated and burned out?

Are you feeling stuck, negative, exhausted, frustrated and burned out?

Stress and all that life throws at us can be challenging to say the least at times.Stress comes in many different shapes and sizes and looks different for everyone.

So often our stress is linked to trying to change the situation or being focused on the aspect of wishing it never happened in the first place or that it would just go away. Unfortunately so often this is just wishful thinking as there is so little usually we can do about it or nothing in fact a lot of the time as we cannot change other people or many of the things which life throws at us…

What we can do in these situations is
Acknowledge how we truly feel
Acknowledge our reactions to the circumstance/situation
and the hard bit, the very very hard bit is …Accept it.

Acceptance is one of the most difficult things you can do and I am not for one second saying you need to but when you are ready to let all the stress of the problem go, acceptance is such a wonderful part of healing that whole process.

Acceptance can help you to move forward and give you a fresh start or a whole new perspective on the problem to begin with… I love this poem below, it has helped so many of my clients deal with stuff, I hope you like it too and it helps you on some level today…

“Acceptance means that you can find the serenity within to let go of the past with its mistakes and regrets, and move into the future with a new perspective, appreciating the opportunity to take a second chance.
Acceptance means you’ll find security again when difficult times come into your life, and comfort to relieve any pain. You’ll find new dreams, fresh hopes, and forgiveness of the heart.
Acceptance does not mean that you will always be perfect. It simply means that you’ll always overcome imperfection.
Acceptance is the road to peace – letting go of the worst, holding on to the best, and finding the hope inside that continues throughout life.
Acceptance is the heart’s best defence, love’s greatest asset, and the easiest way to keep on believing in yourself and others.”- Regina Hill

This week have a look at some problem in your life, Tune into how it is really making you feel!!! If you were to truly accept the problem how does that make you feel and what small action step can you take to help you let it go and start afresh?



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See you next week,

Have a wonderful one,