Why are you craving. Let me explain.

When you get the craving, basically you are looking for some need within you to be fulfilled whether it is that quick fix to help you feel more alert, more energetic, more satisfied, more calm, more in control, more loved, safe, secure etc.

You are not actually looking for the cigarette or the bar of chocolate or the glass of wine you are looking for the perceived benefits or feelings in which the substance/product gives you. Therefore you are really using the chocolate, biscuits, drugs or whatever your ‘go-to ‘ is as the tool in order to give you this better feeling.

This is where the problem begins though as it soon becomes a negative self-destructive habit for so many reasons. Every time you repeat this pattern you are hardwiring your brain to continue with the pattern, and this is where frustration and confusion and feelings of overwhelm or panic can arise.

It is only a short quick fix, which results in ups and downs and slumps in energy levels, ratty mood swings, poor sleep, weight gain, breakdown in relationships, poor work performance, self-criticism, ill-health and lots more!!!

Long-term these quick fixes are not solved as the root of the craving in the first place is not being addressed. No matter what the craving there is more often than not an emotional link with it. This comes up all of the time with my clients, and working together we discover the real reason behind the craving. This is the true answer and solution to your craving.

Will power is fantastic but it can be something you have to work very hard at while treating the deep root can get rid of the matter altogether! Sometimes the craving can be associated with a trauma or incident in your childhood, it can be linked to lack of self-worth, or low self-esteem. The craving can fulfil that something which was and perhaps still is missing in your life, whether that is encouragement, support, attention, love, whole-some food etc.

For this week I would you to start identifying if you crave, what do you crave and when do you crave it, what patterns are there,  write them down and see how often it is happening. When the craving comes up, see if you can do something different to help you let go and break the habit. Think of your inner strength and believe that you can do anything you want to do,

See you next week for part 2.

PS. If you need more help with this, one to one sessions are available either in my clinic in person or via Skype.