What Does Sugar Mean to You? Part 3

There is huge confusion over the sugars found in fruit. Yes, certain fruits e.g bananas are actually high in fructose but they also have an abundance of nutrition, so it is recommended to avoid eating bananas everyday. As I say for everyone’s diet VARIETY is the secret and most essential key to a healthy mind and body. One way to get a fab selection of nutrients into you is to have vegetable based juices with a little fruit added like, apples, kiwi, pineapples make great choices. When it comes to your ‘healthy morning orange juice’ think again. The purest juice is the one you make yourself and drink right away. ALL juices sold in supermarkets are pasteurised, which means they are heat treated in order to make them safe, unfortunately with this heat treatment the majority of the goodness in the juice is being destroyed at the same time. Also the majority of the juices are made from concentrates, which means the sugar content is much higher than you making your own juices or smoothies at home. I always recommend while making your own smoothies at home that you use berries as they are very high in nutrients and contain much less sugar levels than some other fruits and add water, coconut water, or a non-dairy milk alternative to reach the consistency you require. I even add a spoonful of seeds, ground up nuts or use nut/seed butters e.g you can get almond nut butter, cashew nut butter plus many others in health food shops and this way you are getting a very healthy balance of good fats into your system too which are great at balancing out blood sugar levels.

It’s all about trying something new. Too often we are stuck in ruts and really resist changing anything about our diets as we have the feeling we are missing out on something. Eating junk low nutrient foods, stuffs you temporarily and then soon after you want more, and more! When you actually eat more of the highly nutritious foods like seeds, nuts, fruit, vegetable, some organic meats, wild fish and water, you eat less overall. When my clients change their diets I have seen them… sleep better, improve their relationships, get rid of headaches, migraines, reduce stress levels, get rid of digestive imbalances like wind, bloating, cramps, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, reach their ideal weight, and feel much happier and brighter in themselves. You can do it too. Step one…CUT OUT THE SUGARS, both the obvious ones and the hidden ones.

Gertrude Lawler, Health for life practitioner, practices in CLANE.

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