What Does Sugar Mean to You? Part 2

During this series about sugar I really want to increase your awareness about the negative impacts of sugar upon your mind and body, every aspect of your health, wellness and happiness and how you can make changes for the better!

Experts now say if sugar was found today it would be a banned substance as it is highly addictive! If I was to ask you why you eat high sugar foods and drink you would probably answer…. I eat it because I like it, I eat it because it is the only bit of comfort I have in my life, I eat it because it gives me energy, I eat it because it makes me feel better… the sad truth is YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

But this is where the sadness and horror comes in, initially when you consume the glass of wine, the beer, the bar of chocolate, the slice of cake, the bag of sweets and so on you will get the feel good factor, you will feel comforted, you will feel better, UNFORTUNATELY, it is only temporary, it is so short lived it makes you want to have more( addictive cycle) OR it doesn’t give you that feel good factor which you thought it was going to give you so you beat yourself up with a million and one negative things like “ why did I eat that, how could I be so stupid, what’s wrong with me and much worse!” Negative self-talk is highly destructive and puts you onto a very negative path which can even in some cases be much more damaging to your health and happiness than even having the piece of sugar/chocolate or whatever in the first place.

The only way to change this never ending cycle and behaviours is to educate yourself, understand what sugar does to your mind and body, become aware of how it really makes you feel. Increase your awareness of all the other things you can do to help yourself feel better.

I have free ‘beat the sugar blues’ tips for you, available upon request. Beating the sugar blues tips are really about simple ways to help you get out of the vicious circle. When people make radical changes to their diet, they can experience headaches, low moods, crankiness, irritability, perhaps changes in their sleep patterns, increase in cravings, shakiness and lots more.

This is very normal as your body is detoxifying and going through a huge change, however this is the point most people go right back to their bad habit as they immediately want to feel better. The great news is these feelings/symptoms last no more the 48 to 72 hours, after that you really start to feel better as energy levels improve, cravings reduce and disappear, moods change for the better and you start to see things in a much clearer way. Of course plenty of water , fruit, veg, rest and some exercise are essential to create a brand new foundation for your long term health and happiness. So this week start looking at your patterns and make changes to feel long lasting health benefits. See you next week for part 3.

Gertrude Lawler, Health for life practitioner, practices in CLANE.

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