Silence is Golden… For healing!

In today’s world, “noise” just seems to be everywhere, and can very quickly overwhelm us to the point where we cannot even think straight. One of my clients loves my treatment room and says one of these should be in every house, how true! Where do you go or what do you do to have a few quiet moments?

We seem to rush to fill up the silent moments, to cover it with some sound or another.   And yet, only in silence can we hear our own thoughts…feel our real feelings, reconnect with ourselves…hear our heart beat, reconnect with our breath. Silence helps us make space to think and make sense of our experiences…and our strongest passions.

The silence that is truly golden is that which takes us out of our express lifestyles and guides us inward to a timeless well of strength, inner healing and replenishment, like an abundant river feeding and cleansing us as it travels along its journey. Time out for ourselves becomes a balm for our busyness and helps us forget our pains and worries.

We can start by acknowledging that time spent in silence is not wasted time. Actually, silence can “pay for itself” by strengthening our inner connection, which expands not only our sense of well-being but also our sense of time. It can allow us to reflect and keep things in perspective; this is something we often loose to the madness of running around every day, often without any purpose whatsoever.

It’s also helpful to realize that embracing silence does not necessarily mean carving large blocks of time from our busy days. Simply turning off our radios and televisions more often, or choosing when to answer the phone, can make a surprisingly big difference. Often while I am in the car I just switch off the radio/cd and just ‘be’.

The most important thing time out can do when practiced regularly enough is to restore healing and repair to the mind and body. A regular practice of quiet time, even for only five minutes a day, can de-stress you, refresh you, boost your immune system, calm your mind, boost your energy, enhance your wellbeing and overall health. It is powerful. It’s important to incorporate silence into your everyday life. e.g’s Walk or sit in silence, especially in nature. Leave the ipod behind. Listen to mothernature all around you.

Do quiet tasks by yourself or as a couple, Eat in silence or alone sometimes… spend some time in your garden…sit in a church and light a candle, pray, Take a bath… No inspirational tapes, no music. Just the sound of the water as it swirls and drips. Enjoy just ‘being’.

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