R.E.C.I.P.E.S For life – P is for Putting into practice what you already know


Part 5 of 7

There is a very big difference between knowing and doing. What do you know you should be doing? As part of the programme this section deals with specific steps for you to practice to help you achieve greater, health, energy, motivation , wellness, sleep, weight loss etc.

I like to use the word practice as that is the physical state of actually doing something. When you think about it, it achieves little, when you actually do it; you reap the rewards and immediately feel the benefit. E.g. if you think about eating healthier all of the time or think about exercising but actually never put one foot in front of the other and do it then you will never feel the benefit of taking action and putting your thought into practice.

When you practice something often enough it then becomes a new routine/habit. It is just as easy to create a new healthy habit for your health and happiness as it is to carry out one which may deplete your energy or make you unwell in the long term.

Along with practicing sometimes planning is also necessary to ensure you can get the task completed. Here is an exercise for you to do. Take 10 minutes with a pen and paper and write down three things which right now you know you should be doing or have been thinking about doing which will make a difference to your energy, your stress levels, your sleep patterns, your dietary habits, your exercise routines etc… then ask yourself what is stopping you actually practicing what you are thinking?…lack of energy, lack of time, lack of equipment, lack of money etc when you have that done then put a line through the excuse/reason and ask yourself is there anything else I can do? Are you worth investing in? Are you worth taking the time out for? When you practice something and you feel good after it there is no greater reward to your mind and body than actually experiencing it. If you are always thinking about drinking more water, or about going to bed earlier or about going to the gym or going for  a walk…TODAY, START IT. Make the time, take the necessary action to get you one step closer, tomorrow repeat the same action, write down how it made you feel…hold onto that feeling , pin it up so it reminds you and encourages you to repeat it again when you feel less inclined to do it.