Parasite Toxicity!

If your gut is not working at its optimum you may suffer from all kinds of health problems. One common toxin that thrives in a yucky gut is worms/parasites… Don’t be alarmed we all have them to a degree!! 85-95% of the population have them in high proportions and they don’t even know it. You can get them at any age and they can be in your system for years without you even knowing it.

Some of the most common symptoms from worm/parasite infestation are…darkness around the eyes, itchy eyes, itchy bottom, itchy skin, food sensitivities, constipation/diarrhoea, tummy pain/bloating, runny/stuffed nose, sinus problems, migraines, excess mucus production, irritability, disturbed sleep, chronic tiredness, abdominal pain, cramps, nausea and skin problems to name just a few!! Other issues can be increased appetite or food cravings without being able to put on weight. They can leave you feeling generally unwell without any real explanation for it. The degree of symptoms varies for each individual. They mainly live in the digestive tract and intestines but they may also be found throughout the body and parasites and their eggs can clog up your liver as well as other organs.

Apart from the physical symptoms they can be a big cause of feeling very down/depressed, anxious, uneasy/restless all again for no apparent reason.

Where do they come from you ask? They can be transferred via dirty hands, soil, unwashed salads, fruits & vegetables, water, undercooked meat, from mother to baby during pregnancy, pets in the house, travelling abroad and so on. Generally they can have little or no effect on us but when your body is under par for one reason or another they can grip on for survival and cause an imbalance in your system usually in the gut, in doing so they lower your immunity even further…so frequent infections can be an indicator too.

If you have pets especially dogs ensure they are dewormed at least twice yearly. The same goes for young children, every 6 months I would recommend a dose of “Vermox” which you can get in the pharmacy. It can work better at prevention rather than treating an actual acute infestation.

Some are big enough to be worms such as threadworms, tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms etc others are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye. They are highly intelligent organisms. Their purpose is to make themselves unknown, so they can survive and reproduce. They do not show up on scans or x-rays so largely can go undetected for many years. Some doctors will carry out stool analysis but this rarely detects them either due to the narrow testing range used and the wide variety of species of parasites. Parasites thrive on your food and your nutrition especially sugar and dairy products. They are not life threatening but they leave you feeling extremely exhausted and drained as you are not fully benefiting from the food you eat. I suffered from parasites for years with many of the symptoms mentioned until they were discovered…they literally can take over your life as they affect so many areas and then go untreated for so long.

The Good News is they are fully treatable and I work a lot with clients who suffer from parasite toxicity as the underlying issue to many unsolved health problems. The main focus is to kill them off with specific supplements and reboot the entire system to protect against re-infestation. The healthier you are on the inside the less likely they are to stick around, they love acidic stressed out bodies, therefore keep your system as alkaline as possible to prevent infestation. Manage your stress levels as much as possible.

Foods to include in your diet to help with their irradiation: pumpkin seeds/pumpkin seed butter, papaya, garlic, ginger, onions, radishes, all these foods can help in their irradiation along with herbs such as cloves, garlic, black walnut, wormwood etc

Avoid: Farmed fish  (They are full of parasites plus many other poisons,) all dairy products, pork products and of course your lovely SUGAR. Some people need to even reduce their fruit intake if they eat a lot of very sweet fruits such as grapes, melons, peaches, pears etc apples and berries are usually the best in small portions.

Plenty of water and ensure you are having daily bowel motions to excrete them.