New Year, Same Old Tricks?

Happy New Year!

With New Year’s (resolutions) well under way at this stage or perhaps already dropped by the wayside …you have to ask yourself the question what is it you really want to change? Have you truly made new resolutions or are you just making the same old wishes? So often we say I wish I was healthier, I wish I could stop smoking, I wish I could lose weight, I wish I could sleep better, I wish I was fitter, I wish I had more energy…etc. etc. these are just wishes! They are not resolutions. A resolution is a true commitment to make change.  A resolution can be made any day any time of the year, it is not about New Year’s Day or the first week of the new year. Keep these important steps in mind while making your resolutions…

Keep Positive: this can be hard at times, depending what life throws at us. It’s ok to have an off day and be fed up. However it’s very important that you work on bringing yourself back into a positive mood quickly. Talking about it can help, writing out your worries, choosing to do something you like or spending time with those who make you feel good.

Dream and Hope: Identify your real hopes and dreams and allow them to happen.

Fight: Decide what it is you really want in your life and fight with passion from the bottom of your heart for it.

Get Support: Associate yourself with like-minded people in a group or association and feel the buzz from those around you, it can be electrifying. Groups like this will give you support, encouragement, motivation, confidence and so much more that cannot be put into words.

Believe in yourself: If you don’t feel you can do it because you have been listening to negativity of others, keep saying to yourself, I can do it and I will do it…really believe in yourself.

Don’t give up: Who said it was going to be easy? If you are having a bad day or a knock back, accept it and move onto a brighter tomorrow after getting some rest.

One day at a time: Avoid putting yourself under too much pressure, stress and strain. Take it slowly, don’t rush and become impatient, otherwise mistakes can be made and you will end up even more stressed and tired.

Now review your resolutions, write them down clearly, read over what you have written daily and make that change! And as Mickey Rooney says “You always pass failure on the way to success”