Is inflammation behind your chronic health matter? Part 1

Have you ever asked yourself the question as to what is behind your chronic health problem?

What disease have you got?

What label have you been given?

For years now I have been investing in my health and wellness. I have worked so hard to make myself feel better and turn my life and health around that I want to keep it that way.  It is amazing what you learn when you look for it. There is so much information and there are so many facts people do not know about their ill health and what the underlining causes may be.

One huge area where I work with people is with reducing inflammation.

Much research and study now shows that inflammation is the root of many if not all chronic health problems, pain, auto immune diseases and vascular health problems. Inflammation is a great way the body has of letting you know you have a problem.

It is an indicator that the body is reacting or over reacting to something wrong in the body. If the body is over-reacting it is usually due to nutritional deficiencies as the body is struggling to correct the matter itself or becomes depleted in the process.

Inflammation can arise in the body as a result of a high stress lifestyle, high stress exercise regimes, post surgery, post injury, poor diets high in excess sugar and low in micro-nutrients which the body needs for repair, food sensitivities, the body being structurally mis-aligned and lots more.

There are many inflammatory markers in the body such as excess fibrin, c-reactive protein, kinase, leukotrienes and many others. These can be monitored through regular blood testing to ensure you do not have a problem with them.

Although it usually only shows up through blood testing when acute. You may have underlying chronic inflammation in the body and not even know it as the symptoms can vary depending on the part of the body being affected.

For some if they have inflammation of the joints, soreness, redness and swelling and pain may be present, if it is in the gut you could have limb/muscle pain and soreness and may never think it was something up with the gut.

Please remember the body does its best all of the time to keep you well, it will compensate and therefore over time you can have a list of varying symptoms all linked back to just one root cause or imbalance. See you next week for part 2