“I am feeling totally refreshed, loved everything we did…”

…Renew you retreat, Delphi Mountain Resort 13th to 15th November.

Woowwy !! this is my very first blog…hope you enjoy your read.
At the beginning of each year…like many others I set out my goals and plans for the year ahead…This year I wanted to do something extra special and that was to help more people in group situations as my time is limited working doing kinesiology treatments on a one on one basis. This year to date I have had two one day ‘Me-Time’ Retreats and one 3 day super luxurious ‘Renew you Retreat’.

Last Thursday as I was packing everything up and getting set for the trip ahead to Delphi it felt like an obstacle course and an emotional rollercoaster ride…someone had to cancel at the last minute due to childcare issues, someone else was overbooked, the car decided to give problems, someone else was running late due to work problems…at that moment it all felt too much. I wondered was this a sign that maybe I should just cancel the retreat all together? …after a few moments, I pulled myself together and I thought of the commitment I had made to myself and the commitment I had made to the resort and most of all to the commitment I had made to the people who were going and who were showing up.

Eventually we got on the road, and after a pleasant trip down we got checked in and got everything set up and ready to go for first thing Fri morning. We started off with group breakfast and the very first thing that was said to me was thank you .. thank you for your beautiful well put together welcome pack’’ which was personalised for each guest. They were all so touched by this gesture. When I thought about doing this I did not expect it to have such a profound effect on the guests. They felt human and special and not just a number or addressed as “dear delegate” or reader or whatever…so this is something I will always bear in mind …always endeavour to make people feel welcomed and special.

The hours just rolled on by as we went from one activity to another.. each one adding a new dimension, each one building on the previous, the knowledge, the experience, the interaction was just fabulous and the changes I could see in people was amazing.

They visibly looked different as their faces and posture became more relaxed and more confident…we had de-stressing classes where I showed the guests simple effective ways of relieving themselves from stress, energy boosting classes and activities, art therapy, healing through dance movement, stimulating, relaxing and challenging activities out in nature, meditation, kinesiology treatments, pampering spa treatments, a healthy food demonstration, a scenic drive through the awe inspiring Delphi mountain valley and much more…the entire retreat for me as the host…simply could not have ran better….a dream come true.

The feedback I received included words like this… “I am feeling totally refreshed, loved everything we did”…. “life changing..to be made feel special and unique and I am not going back to the person I was when I arrived”… “I just got so much out of it, really I cannot put it into words, so much more than you will ever know, thank you so much.”

Where ever you are at right now, whatever your goals and desires are..keep going, take one small step today and everyday to get you closer to making your dream a reality…don’t give up when it seems like too much.. I am so glad I didn’t give up on this retreat. Despite the steep learning curve, the tears and sweat, the late nights of planning and preparation, the frustrations, the costs and so on…the change it brought about in peoples lives, the positive feedback, the unforgettable exhilarating experience..it was worth every second of it as I was living my dream…go and live your dream and don’t let anyone tell you …you cannot! You Can