How much time do you have?

When I ask people how much time they have they usually none! The real question should be how much time do you make? Now, you are probably raising your eyebrows and wondering what has time got to do with feeling well, and what has time got to do with my health? Well it is simple from what I can see it has EVERYTHING go to do with your health and energy.

When we are young and reasonably healthy we usually invest little time on our health, why would we, as we don’t feel unwell or we are not sick. Time is a very precious commodity and once it’s gone it can never be gotten back. What you do for your health and happiness TODAY is what will make the difference tomorrow. If you live your life by saying someday I will get fit, someday I will make more time for me, someday I will start eating better etc. Prevention is better than cure. So the more Time and energy you invest now, today in your body and looking after it the better it will be in the future. Many spend a lot of their time in the elder years trying to feel better when then could in fact be living life to the full.

I now value my time preciously. I , like many others did not. It took me some time to change, I used to always say ‘I havn’t got time’ I used to see taking a lunch break as a waste of time…as I used to look at all I could get done instead. I literally worked all the hours God would send. How foolish I was, that continued until the inevitable happened, I burned out and got very sick – of course then with the wakeup call things had to change. The most important thing of all which, I learned was that I had to look after myself first before I could be any good to the company I worked for , my family , my friends or anyone. That felt very weird, strange and unfamiliar to begin with.

Now I work with people who are now where I once was. All the traits are the same, they feel under constant pressure and stress with the feeling there are just not enough hours in the day. Sometimes I will still feel like that but then I quickly realise I have gone off my path and need to get back on track. Start this week to pay more attention to the time you have each day. See you next week for part 2.