How much sugar is actually in what you are eating everyday?

As I always say to my clients it is not the one off desert or slice of birthday cake which does the damage it is the foods you eat and drink everyday. It is important that you start to read food labels as I have said last week, so on the label you will see the nutrient content, you will see protein, fat, carbohydrate etc under the carbohydrate section read how much of the carbohydrate is of sugars per item/per 100g etc so it will read “of which sugars 26g per 100g etc. So if you eat the full 100g of that product you will have consumed 6.5 teaspoons of sugar. 1 teaspoon of sugar = 4g. So basically take the “of which sugars figure on the label and divide it by 4 to give you how many teaspoons is in the 1 item/per biscuit/ per pack or 200g or whatever it is, so if the product is 200g then that means there is 6.5 teaspoons in 100g so there is 13 teaspoons in the 200g.

THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF SUGAR THE HUMAN BODY CAN PROCESS FOR AN ADULT IS 6 TEASPOONS PER DAY! THREE TEASPOONS FOR A CHILD. It is frightening how much sugar each person consumes daily and often they don’t even realise it. It is so vitally important you start to read labels and start to prepare your own food as much as possible. Almost everything which comes in a packet is high in sugar.

Here are some examples:
500ml bottle of Lucozade = 11 teaspoons of sugar approximately depending on the flavour,
228 ml pack of Ribena blackcurrant has 28.8g of sugar = 7.2 teaspoons
170g Yoplait original yogurt 26g of sugars = 6.5g of sugar so do you see in the examples I am giving you with just on of these yoghurts there is more than your daily allowance for an adult, if a child has one of these they have more than twice their daily amount, then you wonder why you have sugar cravings, why you are cranky, why you cannot lose weight, why you cannot sleep, why your child will not eat their veggies etc

Standard 47g petit filous = 4.6g of sugar over 1 teaspoon, in one tiny pot
Kellogg’s Cornflakes 30g portion 2.4g of sugar, who eats 30g? very few! In 100g portion 8g of sugar =2 teaspoons then if you add dairy milk, there is more natural sugar in it not to mention if you also put sugar or honey on top which many people do, and this is just the start of your day??????

Bachelors Baked beans per 140g serving 6.9g of sugars, Many of my clients would eat the whole tin, which is 20g sugars approx = 5 teaspoons of sugar and then add in the sugar in your bread… it does not be long adding up.These are regular items which many think are healthy… Seriously have look at the foods you are eating and drinking and also your PORTION SIZES.

In moderation the treat is great as it is treat not a daily staple. Sugar causes so many health problems, I know because I see them everyday! and the absolute majority of these problems can be changed and controlled by “you”!!! I encourage you today to take to responsibility for your own health.

You cannot deal with stress in your body with sugar even though it emotionally gives you that quick fix, emotional comfort, or whatever…in fact it depletes you of the very nutrients you need to keep you healthy sane and strong.

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