Healthy Monday Moments… Are you ready to put your phone down?

Good Morning my Healthy Monday Momenter’s!!!

It’s finally here….My brand new website
so I hope you find it user friendly , there are tonnes of health articles to read in my blog section and also you can grab hold of my free Starter Health Prescription Today ( The one your doctor will never write for you) I’m so excited by all the new stuff in store…so watch this space x

So last week we looked at detoxing from negative self-thoughts and self-images…”You are very special” I hope you have read it several times at this point and believe in it even just a teeny bit more…this is your journey to self-love and self-healing.

This weeks article is much more practical…and one which is so prevalent in todays society it is scary really!!!! Modern technology!!! Yes, our phones..well that’s what they are called but really are they just phones??? Smart phones have really nothing got to do with just being a gadget to call someone, it is an addiction to browsing and scrolling and spending ( wasting) mostly our precious time on watching how the other half of the world lives… Don’t get me wrong, I’m just like everyone else, I couldn’t be without my phones!!! Yes, one for work and one for personal, it works perfectly for me and helps me to create boundaries and balance.

However, I have had to manage it because I was finding myself just going on for a few minutes and wow!!! 60-90 minutes later I was still in there scrolling or searching or looking at something….when I should have been in bed. I really am sensitive to the light from the screens so not only was I going to bed much later than I had anticipated but then I couldn’t switch off because my cortisol levels were too high.

Cortisol is a stress hormone which is produced as a result of any kind of stress. Our pineal glands manage our body clocks and the difference between night and day etc. Cortisol is not all bad as we need it to wake us up in the morning and get us out of bed…it therefore should be at its lowest around 9-11pm when we should be heading to bed for a good nights rest.

The light stimulation from the phones can completely mess up with this function and pattern, so at night you can’t go to sleep and in the morning you can’t get out of bed…a viscous circle commences which is so negative for your mood, your energy, your eating habits, your weight/metabolism, your hormone balance, your healing and renewal mechanisms, detoxification pathways and lots more…over time your health and happiness simple deteriorate and you deem what you are doing is NORMAL because everyone else is doing it.

I love my phone and would not be without it, it is amazing what we can do through them now but like everything in life there simply has to be BALANCE and I do my browsing more at lunch time now if I can much more so than during the late evening. I read a real book at night to help me unwind and prepare for a good nights sleep. Kindles seem to be ok for most but check in a see if it is ok for you especially at night time.

So that’s why this week I recommend you DETOXIFY from your phones, ipads, tablets or whatever smart technology you use and just use it less over the course of the week.

NEVER bring your gadget to bed.

NEVER sleep with it close to your head ( approx 12 feet is deemed good) it fries your head and then you wonder WHY you are so tired the next morning.

If you are addicted to night time or any time of the day browsing…this week just take that time and see what else you can do with it? Can you organise yourself better, read a book, take up a new hobby, have real conversations with more people etc

See what little changes you can make and how positive the changes are on your daily life…remember every little change can make a huge difference in so many ways. Lots of my clients have done this and have found that not only is their sleep better but how they feel about themselves is better, the life of social media is portrayed as PURE PERFECTION.

Of course real life is never about perfection so before we know it we are in there consumed by “everyone else having a great life” while you compare yourself and believe your life sucks and is crap… this is completely untrue. !!!! YOU are perfect just the way you are, don’t compare yourself to anyone else other than yourself, today nourish and nurture yourself with kindness and self -love. I promise you nothing will help you to feel better.

Remember this week we celebrate St.Valentines day…The perfect excuse to INDULGE in lots and lots and lots of self-care, so get planning and spoil yourself. xx

Have a brilliant self-loving week,