Guilty or Free to just be yourself?

Guilt: Have you got a guilty self-sabotaging mindset?

Guilt…Guilt is something that is very powerful and negative and can eat away at you from the inside out, destroying your freedom, your spirit, your happiness and your health! It is a very deflating, self-sabotaging, self-draining feeling and thought process which so many people experience.

The worst part about it is most beat themselves up daily and feel guilty about their very existence in some cases…for actually no valid reason. It is just something they believe in.

I hope this article helps you to become aware of how “useless” and “pointless” and destructive it can be to hold onto guilt. You can never experience a full happy life and be full of beans and JUST BE if you hold onto unnecessary guilt.

It is time to step into your own power and do what you want to do and enjoy life as you deserve to and as you are worthy of.

What are you guilty of?

Recently I worked with a young mother of 3 small vibrant children. She came to me feeling completely wiped out and exhausted. She was ridden with guilt, from being guilty for snapping at the kids, to guilty about not keeping on top of the housework, guilty about not doing x,y,z….guilty about asking for help!!!

You get the idea, I’m sure many of you have had or are having similar experiences…you have absolutely no reason to feel guilty about being a tired mum or an overworked colleague or whatever. There are definitely times in our lives which are more demanding than others, this is when we fall down as  we may be too proud to ask for help, we may wonder what will others think of me , they will think I can’t cope if I ask for help? and so on the negative thoughts run away in your mind…

The chatter becomes endless…and it is so exhausting!!!

After reassuring this mum she went home and made some small changes. After putting the children to bed instead of running back to the kitchen to try and make things normal again she lay down and stopped for 10 minutes, listened to the “golden silence” and practiced deep breathing. Then she returned to the household chores feeling less resentful and more energised. She started to put herself first as she quickly realised this was helping her to recharge her batteries.

Many of us drive ourselves crazy. We are our own worst enemy. Normally there is no one yelling in the kitchen “Come here, come at once and clean this mess up!” Leave it there for a few minutes, sit down, have a cuppa, ring a friend, deep breathe, do something small to help yourself. Your workplace, your children, your family and you yourself…need you to be the best you can be for a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

You cannot and will not be the best you can be if you live with guilt over taking some well needed and deserved time for yourself. Become aware of how you feel and make a decision to change that feeling of guilt to one of IT’S OKAY, I need to take care of myself, I deserve to take care of myself.

Allow self-care and self-satisfaction to become your number one, then your children will be happier, your work will be much more productive and you will feel lighter, brighter, freer and much more content on the inside.

The Guilty complex is often something we have picked up from childhood.It becomes part of our conditioning. Using the bach flower remedy Pine can be helpful to break the guilt pattern.

If you struggle with guilt, self-blame or any other negative mindset issue you may need to dig a little deeper to work through all the roots and strands and become free of them. Please contact me if you would like to do further work on these rather complex issues.

So ask yourself today, is beating yourself and feeling guilty over everything you do and don’t do helping you? Are you ready to let it go?

Then just do, you are so worthy of happiness and peace of mind,

With Love,

Gertrude x