Feeling the cold even when it’s not cold?

Lots of people complain of the cold irrespective of the time of the year or the weather conditions. For sure the climate and weather conditions play a big role but they are not the only factors to consider, more importantly you have got to see what is going on in the inside…

When feeling the cold more than those around you, you need to consider the following points…

Your age… Generally older people can suffer more with feeling cold as the skin thins through ageing and circulation can dis-improve depending on the person and their overall health and lifestyle. Long term medication irrespective of age can play a huge role too. It is so important no matter what your age that you MOVE YOUR BODY as much as possible.

This will keep you young in every sense of the word and keep your body functioning at its best too. Your body temperature can plummet and your circulatory system can slow right down if you are sitting or standing in the same position for too long. Carry out daily regular exercise but also find ways while doing certain activities to move your feet or legs more.

You may feel the cold if you eat or drink too many cold or cooling foods. You have got to listen to your body and to the seasons and go with the foods your body naturally desires and needs e.g if you fancy a bowl of warm soup go for it instead of picking a cold salad or juice just to be healthier and feeling cold and miserable in the process!

Having said that there are many ways to warm up a salad/juice and continue to have them even in a cold damp climate like ours e.g add grated ginger , chilli, cayenne, some roasted veggies to your green salad or cooked quinoa are some ways to add heat to your healthy salads. Avoid eating foods directly from the fridge or freezer and drink water at room temperature or cooled boiled water during colder months to help keep your body warm.

If you have a thyroid problem and or kidney/adrenal problem you may also feel the cold a lot more than others in a similar environment. you must get these checked to ensure they are in proper balance as these organs work with energy output, energy flow, metabolism, blood flow/circulation and lots more.

Eating a good balanced diet is very important ensuring you are getting plenty minerals and B vitamins into your diet such as iodine, magnesium, zinc, manganese and many others all help to maintain good nervous and circulatory systems.

Ensure you are wearing sufficient clothing, in layers… is always best to suit your environment. Sounds very obvious but many simply do not!

Also if you have a toxic, sick, tired body which is not properly eliminating the toxins you can feel very cold too. The liver can become overworked and tired and the liver plays a huge role in temperature regulation in the body.

Lack of essential fatty acids is another crucial factor and one I come across lots. Eat your good fats, these add warmth, insulation and protection to your internal organs, therefore keeping you healthy and warm too.