Do you feel pain, inflammation or arthritis in the cold?

I don’t think anyone would dis-agree that overall our climate is a cold damp one, that’s why we get so excited when we see a few rays of sunshine. People who live in warmer climates have much fewer ailments and complaints, I am not talking about going out and burning your-self in the sun, I am talking about the overall benefits of heat in the air and environment. Not only do we live in a cool/damp climate we then eat cold, damp, sticky, gooey, acidic foods as a majority which further exacerbates the problem. This is why in this part of the world we have so many arthritic, muscle and joint like problems. What you put into your body is extremely important and has a massive impact on how you feel, how you sleep, how good your health is, everything! Foods like refined rice, pasta, bread, oats and even the good old spuds are all starchy foods and it is what the majority of people eat as part of their staple diet. 99% of the people who come to see me will tell me they have the good old Irish dinner of potatoes, meat and vegetables.

Unfortunately if you are someone who suffers from a lot of pain, inflammation, circulatory and arthritic like symptoms these foods maybe causing flare ups or preventing the body from healing. It may be best for you to greatly reduce these types of foods for 4-6 weeks and see how you feel. Here is why! When they go into the body they are quickly broken down into simple sugars, when there is an excess of these types of foods in the diet it creates a lot of acid in the gut. When this happens the acidic environment can lead onto a lot of poor health, leaky gut, inflammation, dampness which causes a coolness in the body. Usually feeling the cold a lot worse than other people goes hand in hand with this problem. There is nothing wrong with these foods in isolation, however if you eat them in excess day in day out and you have the symptoms as above then you seriously need to review your diet. VARIETY is so important to give your body extra nutrients and a break from the same old foods every day. Example, Instead of potatoes every day, 3 times per week you could have barley, millet, quinoa, butternut squash or sweet potatoes as a nutritious warming alternative. Add ginger, cayenne, spices, and herbs to your diet for extra warmth!