De-clutter your space for a brighter, healthier, lighter you!

Often we are big into focusing on detoxing the body but the mind is often forgotten and is usually the best place to start…and in order to start with the mind, your outer environment may need a good decluttering first or along side a body detox…So are you ready or do you need to de-clutter old thoughts, old patterns, old foods, old clothes etc whatever is relevant as all of these things can stagnate our minds, our bodies and the flow of our feel good energy.

So what is clutter?

Clutter can be defined as mess, disorder, chaos, confusion, untidiness etc that can arise due to poor working habits, lack of space, lack of clear thinking, lack of time, overwork and much more. De-cluttering is taking on the task of making your space more organised, cleaner, tidier, fresher, better for you to function in.

When your space is full, crowded, untidy, disorganised…whether it is your car, your house, your office, your mind it can leave you feeling like a weight is hanging over you, it can fill you with dread and anxiety and frustration. When this happens continuously you can be left feeling tired and drained and feeling even more muddled.

Where exactly have you got clutter in your life, is it old newspapers everywhere, is it past Christmas cards, birthday cards for the past 10 years that you can’t let go off, is it clothes that you have never worn or don’t really like but you don’t want to throw them out because of the waste factor? Is it in your kitchen presses, hot press, spare bedroom, is it bits and pieces that you keep thinking oh someday I will use that? Is it bad habits or negative thoughts?

Are all of these things clogging up your life?  When there are piles of clutter all around you in different aspects of our life it can really hold you back. Your spirits may drop every time you look at the mess. You may feel it reflects how bad a housekeeper you are as you simply don’t have the energy to do it. First steps. Do not waste time and energy criticising yourself. Look around you and see where you need to de-clutter and most importantly recognise how that clutter is making you feel…Your environment should bring you great joy and happiness, not stress and despair!

Start one place at a time or just to do one task to get you started. Ask for some help if you need to. Clutter can put you in bad form and make you tired. Decide today where you are going to de-clutter.? Out with the old and in with the new…this makes room for new things, new people, new experiences, better health, greater energy and lots more to come into your life…

Overwhelm often results as you decide to do it all at once, START SMALL…After all the only way to eat the elephant is ONE bite at a time,

For further help with this and to delve in deeper to your specific needs we can work one to one, in person or virtually, contact me

In the meantime, Enjoy your new free space xx