Are you Fed Up with the PAIN?

Who hasn’t suffered pain at one time or another? Pain is something I treat very commonly.

Pain, aches and soreness can be linked to imbalances in e.g. liver, lungs, adrenals, bowels and so on from toxin overload. Upper back pain is more associated with the whole neck region or a fixation in the lower pelvis.

Low back pain is the most common and can be due to old accidents or injuries resulting in wear or tear, disc/joint dislocation is always accompanied by weak surrounding muscles.

Headaches can be due to dehydration, tension, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, toxicity, cervical/jaw misalignment problems, old injuries and lots more just to give you an idea!

So what causes pain? Here are just a few of the most common reasons…

1. Dehydration…

can especially cause pain in kidney/lower back region. Your kidneys process water and filter it in order for you to stay alive and healthy, without water, they dry up and ache…hence you feel back pain.

Dehydration is also a huge cause of headaches or feeling tense all over. Hydrate the body EVERYDAY with fresh water and or herbal teas. Your age/weight and size and also your daily activity, health, environmental temperature etc. will all determine how much water you need daily to hydrate. You will need varying amounts of water but the average guide is 2 litres per day split up into approx. 200ml glass sizes outside of meal times.

2. TOO MUCH sugar in the diet

your spleen and pancreas have to process all the extra sugar, when they get tired doing this several times a in day out they get tired…the muscle related to this (latissimus dorsii) muscle runs almost the entire span of your back, from the top of your bum to the top of your neck.

When it gets tired it becomes weak and this can cause stiffness, dull ache or sharp pains in the back, upper neck/shoulder area. You will feel this especially when you wake up in the morning after lying down all night or after standing or bending for long periods, your back becomes stiff…


Yes it keeps cropping up everywhere. The body actually holds onto long-term stress, anxiety and hurtful memories. This weakens the muscle structure and increases the risk to injury and pain/soreness/stiffness results. Stress create tension within the body, tension tightens muscles and reduces blood flow to the tissues and therefore also reduces oxygen flow. 

The result can be unexplained pain in the affected area. Heat on the area will greatly improve blood flow and therefore can reduce or eliminate pain. You need to monitor closely what are your stress triggers and what helps you to switch off and relax, if you are in ongoing pain due to tension then you need to manage as best you can the actual cause of the tension in the first place.

Pain killers are not the answer! See you next week for part two!