10 Minute Reboot

Have you got 10 minutes to spare everyday? Many people tell me they don’t. I have put together a list of 10 simple things you can do within a 10 minute period, this week I challenge you to make 10 minutes of QUALITY time for yourself everyday. If you are getting more than 10 minutes brilliant, keep it up, your body will reward for you for it. 10 minutes daily = 70 minutes per week! Build on it 🙂

1. Take 10 minutes out today or this week to reconnect with nature. Go for a walk in the woods, your local park, out in your own garden, buy yourself a new plant, tree or bunch of flowers. Appreciate nature for it beauty, uplifting feeling, calmness, colours, scents, spiritual reconnection and lots more.

2. Take a 10 minute break to drink a herbal tea, a glass of filtered water, eat an apple or a handful of almonds, or your favourite nuts or seeds. No email, no phones, no listening to the news, reading the newspaper or talking to others about how bad the weather or economy is! Enjoy your quite refreshing break.

3. Take 10 minutes to get some fresh air at some stage of the day, many go from house to car, car to work, work to home with no fresh air. It’s free, it’s refreshing, it’s revitalising!

4. Take 10 minutes to go for a walk or climb the stairs repeatedly if you are able to. Exercise goes without saying for making you feel good and keeps you in shape too.

5. Take 10 minutes this week to spend on dry brushing your skin. Use upwards strokes starting at your feet and brush on dry skin to get your waste moving by stimulating your lymphatic system.

6. Take 10 minutes to reconnect with an old friend, send them a card or give them a quick buzz.

7. Take 10 minutes to write out 10 things or more which you are thankful for in your life right now.

8. Take 10 minutes to write out about something which may be on your mind or worrying you…write it all out, then rip it up and let it go, you will feel better.

9. Deep breathe, close your eyes and relax.

10. Make a list all of the things you like to do, your interests and hobbies. Plan timeout to do them more often.

11. Here is a bonus! Take 10minutes to mindfully and consciously eat something healthy like a smoothie, juice, piece of fruit, handful of nuts, seeds, chew well, savour and enjoy every mouthful.