My pick yourself up book is the ideal ‘me time’ gift to yourself or a loved one. Encouraging positive words made a huge impact upon my own healing journey, that’s why I wrote this book to help you, ‘Pick Yourself Up’ when feeling down, demotivated, anxious, lonely, insecure, stressed out and in need of a positive word.

It is so much more than positive life quotes though!!! It is filled with colourful uplifting practical self care tips which are inspirational and motivational…Motivation is movement and flow. Stress, fear and so on demotivates us and makes us feel stuck and overwhelmed as we are not or unable to progress.

This book can help you to move in the right direction and keep you focused and supported while going through lifes daily challenges. There are lots of yummy health tips in there too to help you keep your cells nourished.A healthy mind equals a healthy body. A healthy body supports a healthy mind.We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings and it is only when these three areas are in balance more often than not …can we be truly happy and healthy.

“Gertrude your Pick yourself up Book has kept me sane over the past year while my husband was very ill. In the quiet of the night when my head was spinning with worry I would turn to it and it immediately helped me to feel calmer as I felt I had someone in my corner who truly understood and was supportive even though you weren’t actually there in person. Thank you for your words of wisdom and kindness.” Pauline Byrne

“A truly simple profound and easy book to follow which makes an immediate impact”. Ann

“Sixty plus years of self-neglect …your Pick Yourself Up Book was the tonic I needed in my life. The reminders for me to take care of myself are truly amazing. Thank you! Words can’t explain how wonderful I feel.” Mary F