The Effects of Stress on your Digestion

Become Aware of how you feel… Your feeling have an immediate impact upon your body..

Today I would like to bring to your awareness the importance of knowing how your body is feeling with the core message being AWARE OF THE EFFECTS OF STRESS…especially the deep on-going stress where you feel your stomach muscles twisting into a knot, your head very tense, your heart palpitating, your chest tightening..!!! this is not good.

Stress creates so many untold problems in the body and I have spoken of the effects of stress before. Stress is the number one cause of acid in the gut… this is different from the hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach.  A strong healthy PH acid alkaline balance through-out the entire digestive system is required for good health. When the acid levels are increased your digestive system becomes a fantastic host for all kinds of nasties…parasites, fungi e.g. Candida, bacteria e.g. helicobacter pylori and many more. When you have all of these ingredients mixed together you have a digestive system in need of a good clear out and rebalancing.

Increased acid + poorly digested food + the heat of  your digestive system + toxic matter + moisture in digestive tract + a diet high in Sugar = SLUGGISH, STINKING SEWER LIKE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.  In many cases it backs right up into your mouth creating foul smelling breath. Bloating, weight gain, constipation, irritable bowel, abdominal cramps, headaches, heartburn, indigestion, gas and so on. The gases created can only escape either through your mouth or your anal passage.

There is plenty you can do to assist your digestive system back into good health…Most importantly you need to start by making changes

1.       Cutting out acid forming foods as much as possible or eliminate altogether..excess dairy , sugar, alcohol, red meat, under ripe fruit, dried fruit.

2.       Chew your food thoroughly

3.       Drink plenty of water..start by increasing slowly.

4.       Increase intake of vegetables as they are more alkaline

5.       Keep positive, reduce  your stress load as much as possible… if this is something you find difficult to do I encourage you to take just one positive health affirmation daily from ‘My best life quotes ebook’ You can get your very own copy here at

6.       Fresh air and deep breathing are so important to help reduce stress in the mind and body.

Make a decision to put your health first. Until you do you will keep putting yourself last and disregarding the stress or turmoil your body is under.