My Stress Reducing Tips.

Here are three simple but very effective stress reducing tips… like anything implementation is key and consistent implementation makes it permanent

  1. Many times stress is caused when we go outside our comfort this stretching is necessary in order to grow and develop as part of the cycles of life. When you realise what it is happening, it can already make you feel better.When you are in this zone this stress can be good and stimulating, when it is prolonged and untreated it can grow to anxiousness and deep anxiety depleting your energy, affecting your sleep, your exercise, your moods, your attitudes and so on.

Here is an affirmation which is really great at comforting you in the now and freeing yourself to grow and just be..

I recommend you add it to your daily/weekly planner and repeat it several times during the day…

Words are worthless if you do not believe them, so once you recognise what it is you want, and then you start to say it with anticipation and some element of belief, your feelings around it will change and therefore you will get the very thing you are affirming.

“I love and approve of myself and I trust the process of life. I am free. I am safe. It is ok to be me”


  1. STOP ..Take a break From all the rushing and madness and keep yourself smiling, happy and in control…

Focus on your breathing..

Take your breathing slowly down into your stomach.

Follow your breath..

Notice how you relax as you exhale..

Practice Inhale slowly…exhale slowly and deeply.. Allow the oxygen to replenish every cell in your body. The importance of deep breathing cannot be underestimated. It is critical for lung expansion and for the health and life of every cell in your body.


Breathing is just Fabulous at reprieving the body from on-going stress ☺

3. Get some fresh air…spending time in nature has so many health benefits!!! What are you waiting for?

So happy breathing!!!